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Simeon Rice Finds A Home With Dungy

According to Stampede Blue, among other places, former Buccaneer and Bronco D-End Simeon Rice has landed on his feet, finding a home with Tony Dungy and the Indianapolis Colts.  Rice, who became a star playing in the "Tampa 2" scheme that was primarily devised by Dungy and with the defending Champs decimated by injuries, the latest to Pro Bowler Dwight Freeney, Rice becomes a worthwhile risk.

There are still obvious concerns about the health of his shoulder, and while in Denver Rice never showed the ability to over-power offensive linemen.  His quickness never seemed to return either, and we will soon find out if it was a Broncos problem or a Rice problem.

Either way, the seperation was best for all involved and Rice can move on to another relationship, though time will tell if Rice still has anything left.