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Horse Tracks - 11/12/07 -- 'Big Win In Arrowhead' Edition

It isn't often we can celebrate a win in Kansas City over the Chiefs, so why not enjoy it?!?

Mike Klis says the Broncos are alive in the AFC West
Soul searching by the defense led to a cleansing, then a revival in Kansas City.
Woody Paige tells the story of Selvin Young, the latest diamond in the rough.
Dave Krieger says Young has a little T.D. in him, something I mentioned during the game yesterday.
Jay Cutler's start in Kansas City brought the QB full circle.
On the other side, K.C.'s media doesn't have many nice things to say about the Chiefs.
Of course, 65 yards on 20 carries was enough to excite the brainless at ESPN.
The Chiefs defense had no idea what hit them.