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MHR RADIO -- "We Own The Vinsanity" Edition -- TONIGHT

Nothing like a Bronco victory and there is definitely nothing like an episode of MHR RADIO after whooping up on the Chiefs in their house!

Up next are Tennessee Titans, and we've got you covered!

--We'll savor the victory over the Chiefs just a bit longer!  Hey, we don't win in K.C. all that often so we might as well enjoy it!

--Jimmy from Music City will join us to discuss the Titans.  Get your questions ready!

--Just how bad are the San Diego Chargers?  6 Picks and they still needed a gift from the Colts just to win at home!

--My picks of the week, of course!

--Anything else you want to chat about!

So join us tonight for MHR RADIO, the official podcast of  10PM est / 7PM pst / 8PM mst!!!