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Lynch Ready To Go; Thursday Injury Report

The Broncos should have an important defensive piece of the puzzle on the field Monday Night when they host the Tennessee Titans.  John Lynch practiced for the second consecutive day, and afterward professed himself fit to play --

Denver's star safety said he should be ready to play against Tennessee on Monday night after going through a full-contact practice Thursday for the first time in weeks.

Lynch pinched a nerve in his neck the last time the Broncos played on Monday night, against Green Bay on Oct. 30. He hasn't played since.

"It went good," Lynch said. "It was the plan this week to add some contact, we had some spirited contact out there and I think all things are looking good."

There was plenty of caution and concern when he was initially diagnosed with the stinger. He had surgery on his neck after the 2003 season.

And Lynch, 36, knows he's not getting any younger.

"You have time to think about a lot of things, so sure, you reflect a lot," Lynch said. "But most of all, once the reports were good, I was just doing everything I could to get back and looking forward to that."

When Lynch was asked about the progress the team made in his absence, his reviews were nothing short of glowing --
"The guys did a great job last week when I was out and I'm looking forward to being out there with them this week," Lynch said.

He'll be tested immediately. The Titans run the ball more than any team in the league. Lynch's specialty? Big hits in run support.

"I guess there's a couple of ways to look at it," Lynch said. "You get tested right away, and that's a good thing. So you better be ready to play and better be ready to bring it against these guys: big backs that are loads, and I kind of like that style."