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The Guru Predicts -- Week 11 In The NFL

Solid week last week as my quest to get back to .500 against the spread continues.  Is this the week I get there???

LAST WEEK - Straight 8-6

                    Spread  9-5

OVERALL - Straight 92-52(.638)

                Spread   69-75(.479)

Spread picks have the points next to them, straight picks are in bold --

Tampa @ Atlanta(+3.5)

Arizona @ Cincinnati(-3.5)

Kansas City @ Indianapolis(-14.5)

San Diego @ Jacksonville(-2.5)

Oakland(+5.5) @ Minnesota

Cleveland(-2.5) @ Baltimore

Carolina @ Green Bay(-9.5)

New Orleans @ Houston(+1.5)

Miami @ Philadelphia(-10.5)

NY Giants(-2.5) @ Detroit

Pittsburgh(-9.5) @ NY Jets

Washington(+10.5) @ Dallas

St. Louis(-2.5) @ San Francisco

Chicago @ Seattle(-4.5)

New England(-15.5) @ Buffalo

Tennessee @ Denver(-2.5)

Read 'em and weep!  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know below!