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Henry Ruling Delayed; Lynch Cleared To Resume Playing

In a week and season mired with bad news, the Broncos received a bit of good news on two fronts today, though I am still unsure how I personally feel about the whole Travis Henry situation.

First, a federal judge in the case involving Henry's lawsuit against the NFL has ruled that lawyers for both sides must file motions in the next two weeks, essentially buying the beleaguered running back more playing time, up to another month in all, taking Henry and the Broncos through Week 12 or so.  Even then, Henry could appeal any proceeding the league holds outside these particular proceedings thus delaying any possible suspension even longer.

Why do I feel dirty every time I write about Henry and his attempts to avoid having most of his money taken away....Shower time....

In a real piece of good news, John Lynch has been cleared to return to the field, if the symptoms from a neck stinger subside.  A MRI performed on Lynch's neck was reviewed by Dr. Robert Watkins, who surgically repaired Lynch's neck nearly four years ago, determined the eight-time Pro Bowler did not receive structural damage from the stinger suffered while tackling Green Bay running back Ryan Grant.

"The MRI came back looking - not good because my neck's not a pretty picture - but from where it was after my surgery, nothing's changed," said Lynch, who practiced on a limited basis Thursday. "He's comfortable with me playing. It's just a matter of the symptoms getting better. Everything's very positive."

We'll know more about Lynch's status for Sunday after we see just how much Lynch is able to go today.