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The Guru Predicts -- Week 12 in the NFL

I am on the cusp!  After a huge week last week with both sets of picks I am right at the cusp of .500.  I won all three Turkey-Day games(trust me, I did) and stand a game over .500 against the spread.  Can I duplicate my 14-2 record of a week ago picking winners?  Let's find out!

LAST WEEK - Straight 14-2

                    Spread  10-6

OVERALL - Straight 106-54(.662)

                Spread   79-81(.494)

Spread picks have the points next to them, straight picks are in bold --

New Orleans(-3.5) @ Carolina

Tennessee(-1.5) @ Cincinnati

Houston @ Cleveland(-3.5)

Buffalo @ Jacksonville(-7.5)

Oakland @ Kansas City(-5.5)

Seattle @ St. Louis(+3.5)

Washington(+3.5) @ Tampa Bay

Minnesota @ NY Giants(-7.5)

Miami @ Philadelphia(-10.5)

San Francisco(+10.5) @ Arizona

Denver(+2.5) @ Chicago

Baltimore(+9.5) @ San Diego

Philadelphia @ New England(+22.5)

Miami @ Pittsburgh(-16.5)

Read 'em and weep!  Agree?  Disagree?  Let me know below!