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E-Mail From A Raider Fan

I always appreciate correspondence, especially from the other side.  Here is an e-mail I received today from "Raider Bubba".  I guess the name says it all, but I'll let you decide....

So, doncos fans love to trash the Raiders. Big surprise. Sure we've had a few lean years, but I'm guessing the the lean air up at Mile High has clouded your thinking. Maybe you could remind me, when exactly was the donco's last superbowl visit? Oh, that's right it was back in 1999. You might remember that the Raiders actually went to the Superbowl during this century.  Your history lesson was weak on the facts about your beloved doncos.  The only time the doncos have ever been a competitive team was when you had Elway. Beyond that era the doncos have always been a middle of the pack team. The Raiders, on the other hand have made several runs at the top, and seemed poised to do so again. The doncos are a team on the way down. So sorry about that.  Best of luck to you on sunday.
                                                Hugs and kisses
                                                Raider Bubba

I must say, charming to the last....It is funny to me that the bright spot for Raider Fans right now is a 27 point dismantling in the Super Bowl to their old head-coach.   Yea, good times there....