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Lions 44 - Broncos 7 -- The Shanahan Monday Presser

Shanny is always in a great mood on the Monday following a loss...A great conversationalist....really....

On QB Jay Cutler --
"The MRI was negative so that's a good sign. There was no stress fracture. It's a little sore. I think we'll get a better feeling Wednesday and we'll see what we can do. It's bruised but there's no stress fracture. He had an MRI, he took X-rays first and that was negative. "

On MRI and X-rays results as best case scenario --
"There's no question about it. We took X-rays right away but you never know for sure until you get an MRI and check for a stress fracture and there was no stress fracture. We know it was a bruise, we know it's badly bruised and we'll see what the recovery time is."

On the hit on Cutler --
"I didn't know that was the hit on his leg, I thought he hit him in the head. I didn't see the TV camera. If he did [lead with his helmet] and it was something illegal then he'll be fined for it, but I can't tell you for sure because I didn't have the correct camera angle."

On WR Glenn Martinez --
"Yeah, he's a little bit sore, sore ribs. He's hurting a little bit but again nothing is broken, so that's a good sign."

On thoughts after watching the game film --
"We had four turnovers and three of those turnovers led to 21 points. You have 12 penalties and you have a few opportunities to convert on third down and you don't, you jump offsides and drop some balls, it's hard to win on the road. Any time that you have new people in there, it just takes nine or 10 guys working together instead of 11 and you make a mistake here and a mistake there and all of a sudden it's a snowball effect. That's basically what happened."

On other injured players --
"They're getting treatment. I just find out if a guy's out or not, right now we've got a lot of these guys getting treatment. I'll get a better feeling in a couple days."

On running game --
"This last game, anytime you get behind like you did, you're going to run a few plays to keep the defense honest. When we did run we were effective but we've got to get a little bit better, we're not as good as we should be. We had some opportunities early in the game and we didn't take advantage of them, we've got to do a better job than we did."

On high number of penalties --
"We had twelve [penalties against Detroit]. We led the league last year with the fewest penalties so I'd say that's a little bit unusual. Crowd noise did have something to do with it, but we've practiced with crowd noise. It's something we'll definitely work on."

On being frustrated --
"I think I've always been pretty much the same way. You work on the things you do poorly and if you do, you have a chance to get better."

On defensive scheme --
"We've adjusted already. Obviously when you go through pre-season and the first four regular season games and you're dead last in run defense we have adjusted some of our run defense schemes against Pittsburgh and obviously we did against Green Bay and this week as well. Any time you're not effective in a certain area, you always adjust your scheme. If you don't, you're not going to get any better. You've got to do what your players can do and that's part of the evaluation process as the season goes along."

On satisfaction of defensive coaches --
"I am [satisfied]. Although we're not as productive as we'd like to be, there some work that needs to be done."

On QB Patrick Ramsey --
"He played exceptionally well. When he was down there in the end-zone, I'm sure he wishes he could have tucked that ball away. We had some poor protection on that play and he tried to make a play. I think if he had it over again I think he would have tried to get it back to the two-yard line and the worst scenario is that we punt the football. There are always a couple mistakes that you'd like to take back. I thought he played exceptional in a tough environment. He stood in the pocket and made some big throws."

On having to sign a quarterback this week --
"If Jay's (Cutler) not able to go, obviously we're going to look into going to get another quarterback."

On protection issues --
"I said this last week, I thought their front four was the strength of their team. They lead the National Football League in turnovers. They are very successful at home with the turnover ratio. If you got behind in that game, with turnovers and penalties, chances are you're going to be in for a long day. That's what we talked about. It didn't surprise me that their defensive front was that good. I thought Patrick (Ramsey) did a good job. There were some tough situations standing in the pocket and making tough throws."

On adjusting schemes --
"We're going to do what we need to do to win. So yeah, I'd say that sometimes you do have to adjust depending on what teams you're playing. Anytime you've got a few new guys in there, especially at center and a new left guard, sometimes you do have to adjust schemes depending on the strengths of their defense, but that's just part of football."

On what needs to be fixed --
"Work on the things you do poorly. There's not a magic formula. You go back and work on the things you haven't been doing very good, like red-zones, penalties, third downs, running game, passing game, strengthen our defense and strengthen our passing game. I thought Andre Hall was a spark for us. He mixed a couple nice runs in there. He looked very natural returning the ball so hopefully he's a spark for us. I thought Glenn Martinez did a pretty good job too."

On the AFC West --
"You never know how a season's going to go. There have been teams that were 8-1 and that have not made playoffs there are teams that were 1-5 going to the championship. That's just the nature of this game. Even our Super Bowl wins we had a couple losses and we got blown out and people said we didn't belong. You just have to take it day-by-day. We know what we're doing poorly. We've got a long ways to go, we're not there yet, but we're going to work on getting there."

On rebuilding --
"If you ever say that you're rebuilding I think that you're trying to give yourself an excuse for not having the success right now. That's my definition of people using the term rebuilding. Do we have some young players? Yeah, we've got some young players but that doesn't mean that you have to rebuild with young players. There's a standard here and there's a standard everywhere else in National Football League. We've got some new people playing different positions but that surely doesn't mean that we're rebuilding."

On TE/LS Mike Leach as the emergency quarterback --
"He's the only person that can take a snap. Rod Smith used to be it. We don't have lot of guys that, like Mike, are very smart, that can run the offense, at least hand the ball off, so he would get us through. It's a little scary situation when you think about it especially after Patrick [Ramsey] took a couple shots. Knock on wood it'll never come to that."

On TE/LS Mike Leach throwing passes --
"He does every once in a while. He likes to throw, all those centers like to throw but never in a game. We'll definitely have 10 people on the line of scrimmage if he goes in."

On youth of the team --
"I've never looked at it that way to be honest with you. We're not adjusting. Just take a look at the second series. We got out there and got a third-and -one and missed, a third-and-six we missed, the next one a third-and-four we missed. We only get the ball maybe four times in a half. Do you stop yourselves? Do you stop with a penalty? Do you stop with a dropped ball? Those are the mistakes you can't make, especially against teams that control the football. Those are the things that we look at. We look at the things that you're doing right and the things you do poorly we work on them."