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MHR Radio -- 'Back In The AFC West' Edition

After one of the ugliest losses I can remember, the Broncos get right back to work, heading to the un-friendly confines of Arrowhead Stadium for a meeting with the Chiefs.  Can the Broncos get back in the win column?  We got all that and more tonight on MHR Radio -- The Official Podcast of!! Here's what we have in store for you to chew on TONIGHT --

--Chris from Arrowhead Pride will join us to talk about the Chiefs and the state of the AFC West.

--Can We Take Advantage Of Larry Johnson's Injury

--4 More New Players, are we back to the "Browncos"?

--Are the Broncos on the decline?

--Your Phone Calls, and don't forget all the action in the chat room!!!

All that and MORE!!  Tonight on MHR Radio!!!!

Get in on all the action tonight starting at 10PM est/7PM pst  

Is there anything better to do than talk Broncos football???