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Michael Vick Sentenced To 23-Months.....Good Riddance

Michael Vick is a disgrace.  Those were my words in May, 2007.  Today, nearly 7 months after the first hints of dog-fighting allegations surfaced, the final chapter in an ugly book was written with Vick, the over-hyped, over-paid, under-performing former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, being sentenced to 23 months in Federal prison.  Vick tried everything, a well-rehearsed fake.....errrr...contrite apology, only after denying everything for months.  He tried to show his good-faith in surrendering early, entering prison late last month instead of waiting for today's proceedings, mostly in hopes of playing in the NFL next season.  Again, Judge Henry E. Hudson saw through the B.S. and crushed Vick's hopes of ever playing in the NFL again.  With time served, Vick will be released sometime in October.....2009!  Oh, the NFL has yet to officially suspend Vick for the conviction.  

I don't hate Michael Vick, I don't know him to hate him.  What he did, however, is despicable and he now will pay the price.  Not only for the nearly two years he will spend behind bars, but for a lifetime of knowing of the incredible opportunity he himself pissed away.  People will blame his upbringing, people will blame racism, everything but Vick himself.  Blame is nothing but a waste of time, what really matters is that Vick's life has been ruined, for the foreseeable future at least, and for that I am satisfied that the justice system worked.  

Playing in the NFL is a privilege, an honor.  The minute Vick decided dog-fighting was a "good idea" he decided that it was worth more to him than playing quarterback in the NFL.  For that, I, as a fan of the NFL, will never forgive Vick.  He'll have the next 2 years to think about it, to think about what was and what could have been.  As for me, I hope to never hear the four-letter word Vick again.  That would be the sweet justice I am looking for.