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Broncos @ Texans - Game Night Open Thread - 2nd Quarter


Date: Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time: 6:30 p.m. MST

Teams: Denver Broncos (6-7, 2nd in AFC West) at Denver Broncos (6-7, 4th Place in AFC South)

Location: Reliant Stadium - Houston, TX


Broncos Second Drive cont...

--A 2nd and 11 greets the Broncos as we start the 2nd quarter.
--Nice run by Selvin Young and the Broncos are faced with another 3rd and 4. Big play upcoming.
--Marshall has his third touch of the night, the second time it has netted the Broncos a first down.
--First sack of the night, and it is the former #1 pick Mario Williams.
--Broncos facing another 3rd down...and once again it is Brandon Marshall, who comes up with the catch in triple coverage.
--A Javon Walker sighting! Walker looks good making the catch and getting close to the first down.
--Third and one and Henry slams ahead for the first down. A solid drive by the Broncos. Now they need to finish it off.
--Not good there bu Cutler, getting nailed with the delay of game. Those are the types of mistakes that kill Red Zone drives.
--Nothing going there. The Broncos call a screen, but the Texans weren't coming so they had plaenty of people back to make the play. 3rd and long.
--Very close to a TD, very close to an INT. Cutler had Scheffler, but just couldn't squeez it in. The Broncos falter in the Red Zone. Elam from 41....GOOD! TEXANS 7 - BRONCOS 3

Texans Third Drive --

--And now the return of the horrible special teams. All starting with a pathetic kick-off by Sauerbrun. Can someone tell me what #10 does well???
--50 yard return has the Texans in great field position.
--Sage Rosenfels has all day to throw. Absolutely no pressure. None...NADA!
--The Texans are going right at the Broncos defense, going for the endzone. Two near misses bring up a 3rd and long.
--All day to throw, but the Broncos knock the pass down at the line. The big return will still allow the Texans to score some points.
--No problem for Kris Brown. The Texans answer the FG with one of their own...TEXANS 10 - BRONCOS 3

Broncos Third Drive --

--Not much going for Glen Martinez. It sure would be nice to have a dynamic return guy...
--Another catch for Marshall, another broken tackle, another first down....
--Another catch for Marshall. Brandon is hurting, but keeps making plays.
--Brandon Marshall is a one man team. Another catch!
--Nothing going on the running play to Henry. The Texans have done a nice job against the Broncos running game tonight.
--Pass Interference not called...Ugh
--Once again the Broncos bog down deep in Texan territory. Another game the Broncos are piling up the yards but not scoring TD's.
--Thank God for Jason Elam. 46-yarder is good. TEXANS 10 - BRONCOS 6

Texans Fourth Drive --

--Big drive upcoming. The Broncos need to find a way to make some stops. The coverage team simply cannot keep Andre Davis from getting big yardage...
--Andre Johnson with another catch, and just like that the Texans are across the 50. Can the Broncos bring some pressure please???
--Third and 8 upcoming. Broncos need to get a stop here and get the ball back before halftime.
--Finally. The Broncos bring some pressure, and Dre Bly breaks up the pass. Texans forced to punt, Broncos have a chance to inch closer...
--Nice play by Bly nets the offense about 10 extra yards.

Broncos Fourth Drive --

--Marshall has another catch. A penalty will add five yards to the end of the play and the Broncos are on the move again.
--There's one of those back-foot, moving backward throws, and it should have been intercepted. Broncos get lucky there.
--Nearly intercepted again. The Texans brought all kinds of pressure and the O-Line wasn't ready for it. Broncos have to punt.

Texans Fifth Drive --

--The front four for the Broncos are starting to get to Rosenfels now. Nice to see.
--Why not call a timeout here??
--John Lynch meet Andrew Walter... The hit by Lynch forces another Texan punt. Broncos will have about a minute to try and get something done.

Broncos Fifth Drive --

--Not a good punt by Turk and the Broncos have decent field position.
--Another catch for Marshall, though for only 3 yards.
--The Broncos offense remains in a funk, not able to get it going.