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Broncos @ Texans - Game Night Open Thread - 3rd Quarter


Date: Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time: 6:30 p.m. MST

Teams: Denver Broncos (6-7, 2nd in AFC West) at Denver Broncos (6-7, 4th Place in AFC South)

Location: Reliant Stadium - Houston, TX



Broncos Sixth Drive --

--Another drive for the Broncos starts from the 20. Can Cutler shake off a lackluster end to the first half??
--Another catch for Marshall, his 10th already. Amazing.
--Selvin Young trips over Cutler's foot. Just not in sync tonight.
--First Down for Tony Scheffler. Broncos open the 2nd half making plays and moving the ball....again.
--Catch #11 for Marshall is another Broncos first down...
--Broncos just cannot get started on the ground. Only 3 yards for Young...
--A short pass to Scheffler will bring up a 3rd and 3. Broncos need to keep this drive alive.
--Cutler is sacked, as the Broncos go enpty backfield on 3rd and 3. The play calling just isn't there tonight when the offense is inside the 40.
--Broncos will go for it on 4th and 7....A 3 yard f'n pass on 4th and 7. Pathetic. PATHETIC!!!

Texans Sixth Drive --

--Ron Dayne has his first carry, a 7 yard run.
--Injury update -- Daniel Graham and Ian Gold are out with leg injuries...
--Texans are content to nickel and dime the Broncos down the field.
--3rd and 3 upcoming. Every third down is big now...
--First down Texans on the Walker run. Houston is on the move again.
--Texans are in scoring position now. A 12-men on defense penalty won't help things. Broncos just playing sloppy again. Same thing, all year long.
--Broncos are fooled on the bootleg again, but Winborn is able to recover.
--Ron Dayne, right up the middle for the Texan TD> Way too easy. TEXANS 17 - BRONCOS 6

Broncos Seventh Drive --

--Looks like the quality performance last weekend was a one-time deal. The Broncos are sloppy, undisciplined, lack focus. Simply not ready to play.
--Decent return for Martinez gives the Broncos their best starting field position of the night.
--A must score situation for the Broncos now.
--Broncos on the move once again. It didn't even look like Cutler looked at Scheffler before he threw it...
--What the hell was that pass?? Cutler had no business throwing that ball....
--Broncos inside the 40 and are bogging down again...
--Texans are dropping 8 in coverage...Just not allowing anyone to get open near the endzone...
--The Broncos aren't even trying to win this game, are they? Twice they have gone for it on 4th down, twice they give the ball away.

Texans Seventh Drive --

--Huge play!! The Broncos finally get a break and have great field position....

Broncos Eighth Drive --

--That's great...try and get your QB killed on a QB sweep...
--What is Scheffler doing?!?!? This had better be a touchdown. It appears to be, and if Kubiak reviews it he will lose.
--Kubiak will challenge, but will lose it.
--Tony Scheffler is a TE. He needs to put his head down and barrell through the defense, not try and leap over.....
--TOUCHDOWN BRONCOS!!! They finally get into the endzone. TEXANS 17 - BRONCOS 13

Texans Eighth Drive --

--Defense needs to step up now and force the Texans to give it back.
--Should be the last play of the 4th quarter...
--It will be...