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Let The Rumbling Begin; Walker's Future In Denver In Question

What are the Broncos to do?  While 2007 has been a season to forget for the most part so far, the Broncos have discovered a few things about their team.  Among them, Brandon Marshall is ready to explode.  In the absence of Javon Walker, Marshall has had an excellent season leading to questions on what the Broncos will do with their high-price wide-receiver.  One option you can take off the list is a restructuring of Walker's contract.  Walker has no interest in redoing his deal --

Broncos wide receiver Javon Walker, who has been inactive for eight of 13 games because of a knee injury, said Wednesday he is looking forward to returning to the team next year -- but he doesn't want to take a pay cut despite his struggles.

Walker, 29, is scheduled to make $7.6 million next season, with a $5.4 million option bonus coming due. If Walker's knee continues to be a concern, the Broncos could attempt to restructure his contract or could save $4.4 million in bonus money if they were to cut him before next season.

"My big deal didn't kick in until this year," Walker said. "I went into the season got injured, and couldn't play as many games and couldn't perform at the level I'm capable of, and then at the end of the year, you ask me to take a pay cut, right when it just kicked in?

"It's not like I was into the deal three, four years, and I'm getting ready to hit a base salary. I haven't been a full year into this deal (since) March.

"I'm looking at it as, I feel like I still have my best years to come."

Walker said he hopes to be a part of an explosive receiving corps, playing alongside Brandon Marshall and Brandon Stokley.

"You get an offense where you're spreading the ball between Stokley and Marshall and myself, it's potent," Walker said. "Nobody can stop us. Obviously, we know what we have to work towards when we get to '08, and that's just exciting. I'm just looking forward to just getting back to full speed, because I know what I can do when I'm 100 percent."

Walker would like reestablish his value at the end of this season, but says he still will not be 100 percent healthy until the offseason. He is questionable for tonight's game at Houston, but said he expects to play after practicing Tuesday and Wednesday.

"I might not be 100 percent, but I'm confident knowing that I can beat anybody," Walker said. "When the adrenaline is rushing and it's game day, I can still beat any corners out there."  

Obviously I am not the only one thinking about this.  Walker is too, and he knows what's coming.  The next three weeks look to be huge when it comes to the future of Walker, not only as a member of the Broncos, but as a high-priced, well paid receiver in the League.  Think about it.  If Walker comes back, and plays well the last three weeks, the Broncos would be hard pressed to release or ask for a contract restructure.  Should Walker not play, or be ineffective, the Broncos may decide to cut Walker, and it is hard to believe any other team would give him the big dollars the Broncos owe him.  

It's clear Walker wants to play.  He has practiced, for the most part, the past 2 weeks or so.  Is Shanny holding Walker off the field on purpose, as part of some kind of financial posturing?  Is Walker trying to rush back in order to re-establish his value?  We'll see tonight, but there is no doubting one thing.  A Broncos offense with a healthy Javon Walker is better than one without him.