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Trinidad Jack - "Maybe It Wasn't That Bad Afterall"

This was a comment in another post and felt it needed to be front page material.  It puts everything into perspective, and explains why I don't break things anymore after a Broncos loss... -- TSG

O.K., so maybe it hasn't been the Bronco season we all envisioned. But there will be others, good and bad. I hope more good than bad but hey, we've had a lot to be thankful for over the past 20 years or so. And besides, maybe it wasn't such a bad season after all.

Some of you may know I've got eleven kids so taking them all to see the Broncos live is out of the question. Attending an NFL game isn't family entertainment anymore, even for a regular size family, at least not in my income bracket. Too bad the Bronco's don't have a "Rock Pile" like the Rockies. Anyway, one of my older daughters sent me a pair of tickets for the K.C. game in Denver, (she is now my favorite daughter), so I got to take my youngest son, age 10, to see his first ever pro football game.

And it was special.

Our part of the state suffered through a nasty little snow storm the night before the game so it didn't look like we were going to go. My son was heart broken, but the sun came up the next day and we decided to give it a try. It wasn't easy but as we got closer to Denver, the roads got a little better. Finally, we arrived at the stadium and started the long hike up to our seats. Even though we could have reached up and pulled on angel toes the view of the field really wasn't too bad.

The game was fun but it was even more fun watching my boy. Seeing that skinny ten year old popsicle's eyes light up as Cutler scrambled and threw a first down pass. Or hearing him yell "In"-"Come"-"Plete" at the top of his little lungs when the defense stopped the Chiefs on a pass play. Watching him thrill at Champ Bailey making that leaping interception. Haggling with him about purchasing one of those miniature helmets, (sorry, 35$ is too much). Sharing a pizza, (who would think somebody that skinny could put away 7/8ths by himself). Having to wrap him up in my arms because he was too cold.

Yeah, maybe the Broncos aren't going to the playoffs this year but it's still been a pretty good season.

Thanks, Jack, for bringing a bit of levity to the situation!!  GO BRONCOS!!  --TSG