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Stardom 'Only A Matter Of Time' For Marshall

We all know how good Brandon Marshall is and can be.  Now it seems 'Baby T.O.' is starting to gain the attention of National pundits as well.  According to Jeffrey Chadiha, colunist for, Marshall is one of 5 players that should book their trips to Hawaii in 2009.  To be sure, another season like 2007 and Marshall will no doubt punch his first ticket to Honolulu.

About Marshall, Chadiha went on to say --

The man whose size (6-foot-4, 230 pounds) and athleticism earned him the nickname "Baby T.O." has delighted Broncos fans in his second season. Marshall already has 86 receptions and 1,136 yards and he's becoming a bigger target in the Denver offense each week (he's caught 21 passes in the Broncos' past two games). The key? Marshall apparently loves being the No. 1 option in an offense.

"If you show Brandon that you believe in him," said LSU receivers coach D.J. McCarthy, who coached Marshall at Central Florida, "he'll do anything for you."

The Broncos certainly can see that now. When injuries sidelined Rod Smith and Javon Walker earlier this year, Marshall developed a natural chemistry with quarterback Jay Cutler that could make this pair one of the more dangerous combinations in the NFL for the next 10 years. The bottom line: Marshall should be downright scary with the confidence he has gained this season.

In a season where Javon Walker has been a noon-factor, Marshall has exploded on the scene, and 100 catches is within reach with 2 games remaining.  We have talked at length about Marshall's emotions getting the best of him, but if he can keep himself in check, just a bit, Marshall has a chance to be the stud receiver every stud quarterback needs.