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MHR Contest!

Fellow Bronco fans, I have a proposal.

Recently I e-mailed a few of my fellow MHR friends with a proposal.  You see, the offseason is coming up and Guru has a lot of major surprises in store for the members.  I'm not supposed to share anything, but I can tell you that when the regular season ends you won't want to go anywhere.  There will be a lot here to keep you engaged, excited, and entertained during the offseason.

There's just one problem.

It's the ugly word "offseason".  Sirius NFL radio personality Adam Schein is famous for saying, "There is no such thing as an offseason".  I agree with him.  "Offseason" makes it sound like there is nothing to look forward to.  So I proposed to a few friends that we look into coming up with a better word (or short phrase) to replace "offseason".

Here's my idea.  I would like to get the thoughts of everyone in the MHR family for the best word or short phrase to replace "offseason".  I'll be responsible for keeping track of all of the ideas put forward in the comments section, as well as suggestions put forward in future posts if need be.  I'll turn the list over to Guru, our  leader.  Guru can decide on how the comments will be judged.  He might do it himself, he might involve the members with front page posting privleges, or he might open up a poll to the membership with the final candidates.  We haven't hashed that out.  This is just an informal contest at this stage.

But I want to sweeten the deal because I appreciate any participation in this matter.  I have an idea for a reward for the winner, and while it is within my meager budget I hope the winner would enjoy having it.  I hope that sparks some creative thinking!

[UPDATE! Our good friend Styg50 has offered to chip in another prize to the reward pot! How about it gang; two prizes for one contest! Keep your great ideas flowing in! Thanks also to Styg50 for his generous offer!]

The winner will also receive a Broncos skull cap, just like the one you see on the sidelines!!! -- TSG