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Travis Henry Wins Appeal; Avoids Suspension -- Sam Adams, Jeff Shoate Released

This statement was released by the Denver Broncos at 4:55pm EST --

The Denver Broncos today were informed by the National Football League that running back Travis Henry has won his appeal.

We are pleased with this outcome and happy that Travis has been absolved of any wrongdoing with respect to this matter.

The Broncos look forward to Travis Henry's continued participation on the playing field.

UPDATE #2 -- Per --

After waiting for a ruling, Henry was notified Tuesday afternoon he won his appeal. "Travis Henry will remain in the substance abuse program, must continue to adhere to all aspects of it, but will not be suspended following his appeal," the NFL announced in a statement Tuesday. "The defense of hair samples and lie detector tests was irrelevant and unconvincing, but our substance abuse program is based on meeting the highest standards and respecting player rights in all phases of its administration."

Basically, the NFL is giving Henry a mulligan, a do-over. Henry would have rolled out of the program after Week 3 of this season. Now he will be part of the program for at least another year...

UPDATE #1 -- Here is a link to the Denver Post story, that also has this little tidbit --

Meanwhile, the Broncos cut starting defensive tackle Sam Adams and reserve cornerback Jeff Shoate. They're expected to be replaced this week. Adams didn't make much of an impacrt after signing as a free agent in June.