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Denver 41 - Kansas City 7 - Post Game Quotes and Comments

A much happier locker-room this week for the Broncos, and the post game quotes and comments portray a team that is starting to build some confidence....


General --
"Coming into the game, I was hoping we'd play a complete game and I thought we did that today on offense, defense, and special teams.  You look forward to playing complete games and it was a total team effort out there today.  We did not have many mistakes, and the ones we had early in the game we overcame. I'm proud of the way our team played today, and hopefully we can get ready for Houston [Texans] in a short week."

On QB Jay Cutler's best performance in this game -- "I think so, probably from a stat stand-point, definitely.  He made some great plays against the defense.  He's been consistent all year.  To have as many big plays as we did today, it was a total team effort."

On RB Selvin Young setting the tone early -- "When you moved the ball as consistently as we did, a lot of things go your way.  We converted some third downs and made some big plays on first and second downs.  We made some big plays when they [Chiefs' defense] were supporting the run, and when you do that you put points on the board.

"Selvin is in excellent football shape, and with [RB] Travis [Henry] - anytime a running back is away for four weeks, it's hard when you have a knee injury to stay in football shape.  Tonight we wanted Travis to play 10-20 plays to get back into football shape."

On WR Javon Walker --
"I just didn't feel like he was able to go full speed.  In practice he took a lot of reps, but I just didn't feel like the reps were full speed.  With Javon not playing much in the second half, I thought we needed some healthy receivers.  
With [WR Brandon] Stokely going in, we decided right before the game, that was a game time decision.  If he wasn't feeling good enough we were going to keep him out."

On playoff chances --
"I didn't know until after our game that San Diego had won [to Tennessee].  I wasn't real pleased with the outcome - the players had to tell me."

On WR Brandon Marshall gaining yards after the catch -- "He's 6'5", he's two-hundred-and-thirty-something pounds [230 lbs], he's got quickness, he's tough, and he knocked out two defensive ends.  He has a lot of confidence and that will just keep on growing."

On the biggest challenge of a short week -- "We've had this before and it's obviously a challenge for both teams.  We are taking off Wednesday afternoon and heading to Houston.  It's just as tough on both teas, obviously a little tougher on us since we are traveling."

On going against Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak -- "Well, he has done a great job with the program, thus far. They had a big win today, against Tampa Bay, who is an excellent football team. He also has a lot of character. When you have a lot of guys go down, you have to have others step up. He has just done an excellent job coaching."


QB Jay Cutler --

General --
"You don't get many of these in the NFL. Teams are just so tough, that it's hard to get victories like this. We could have laid down in the second half, but we kept pressing and our defense held them."

"We came out in the second half and kept it up on third downs and we didn't have a turnover all day."

On the Running Game --
"We were running that left side all day and [RB] Selvin [Young] was making great cuts."

On His First Four Touchdown Game --
"It took a little longer than I wanted it to. The offensive line did a great job the whole day, so I have to give them a lot of credit."

On If He Thinks This Is His Best Game So Far -- "Our runners ran the ball very well, and our receivers made some big plays. This was our game plan coming in, just to go out there and perform well as a team. We feel good about what we've done today."

On WR Brandon Marshall --
"You never know what he's going to do when he catches the ball, but you know that he's going to make a play out of it. He might run back and forth for a one yard gain. But, more times than not, he's going to give you a ten or 20 yard gain. I was happy to see him go out and have a big game for us."

RB Selvin Young --

General --
"I was really looking for 305 (yards) or something like that. That's something I can work on in the offseason."

"The future is bright for this team. But, everyone knows that you have to worry about right now. Each and every game you leave everything out there. This is definitely something we can build on."

"It's my job just to be patient and feed off the offensive line. The last few weeks we've been hitting sparks, but it lit on fire today."

On Gaining Motivation --
"This is your J-O-B. A person like me doesn't need motivation. Even if I'm the guy holding the ball when we kick it off, I'm fine with that."

"My thing is just keep on pushing and take advantage of every opportunity I get. I could be here today and gone tomorrow. It's great to be somewhere and have a home where people believe in you."

S John Lynch --

General --
"Kansas City is struggling a bit, but they are a good football team. In the NFL you can't take any win for granted."

On DE Elvis Dumervil --
"We are proud of him. All you hear about is `He's not the ideal height, or the ideal weight,' but all he's done since high school and little league is produce and he is a great kid."

On Facing the Houston Texans --
"We just have to go back to work this week. We made a commitment to study each game and this is no different. Each team is lucky that they are familiar with each other. I don't know who has the advantage; it's one of those things where we will see after the game. You could say they know, that we know, that they know..."

CB Champ Bailey --

On the Defense --
"We haven't played this well since maybe the first two weeks of the year. We know what we are capable of but we have to do it every week. I still don't think we are where of what we can be."

CB Dré Bly --

General --
"When you play together like we did today, this is what the result will be every time. It was a total team effort. Everybody played well, and that's what it's all about. We are a veteran team and if we play like we played today, we'll keep building more confidence."

WR Brandon Marshall --

General --
"We've got an explosive offense. It's just a shame that we didn't start from Week One. The defense came out to play today and they put us in position to score easily."

"Whenever you play KC, you are going to get a physical game. I'm a little sore, but it's football and that's what it's supposed to be.

On the Penalized Touchdown Celebration --
"It was for all of my family and friends in Florida. They don't get to see snow much, so I showed them some snow."

DE Elvis Dumervil --

On the Defense --
"We had more opportunities than we did last week, to get to the quarterback. We were getting good push up front and the coverage was there as well."

On Getting Three Sacks --
"It's a good feeling, but it's a better feeling to go out and dominate at home like we did. We have to bring it back to when INVESCO was a feared place to play in."