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Fun With Mocks - 2/12/07 - DraftTek

I came accross an interesting website, one with a little bit more insight than the hairgel Mel Kiper uses on that lid of his. uses computer modelling to come up with it's draft day selections.  According to it's website --

An interesting concept.  By assigning team needs a value, and available players in the draft a corresponding number, they are able to "predict" who will go where in the NFL Draft.  An explanation of this "priority system' can be found HERE.  

With this in mind, let's take a look at who the 'Tekkis' think will be wearing the Blue and Orange come Training Camp '07 -

ROUND 1(#21) - DE Jarvis Moss -- Florida

ROUND 2(#56) - CB Tenard Jackson -- Syracuse

ROUND 3(#70) - FS Michael Johnson -- Arizona

ROUND 3(#86) - RB Antonio Pittman -- Ohio State

ROUND 4(#117) - OC Doug Datish -- Ohio State

ROUND 5(#148) - WR Rhema McKnight -- Notre Dame

ROUND 6(#183) - OT Allen Barbre -- Missouri Southern

ROUND 7(#214) - DT Keith Jackson -- Arkansas

One thing right off the bat I noticed was the plethora of picks from big scholls, whcih goes against Shanny's usualy M.O. of trying to find diamonds in the small school rough.  These will be updated by DraftTek as the off-season progresses, and team needs can obviously change with free-agent signings and trades, but a fascinating look at the draft in deed!