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Houston Media Pumping Plummer

I have seen a couple different articles coming out of Houston pumping up Jake Plummer in what might be an attempt to shed a positive light on the inevitable.  The latest comes from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle(not of the Die Hard series).

According to McClain, Texan fans shouldn't frown upon a possible Plummer appearance in Houston.  As I stated last week, McClain reiterates, "Remember that Broncos quarterbacks aren't judged on the same scale as Texans quarterbacks."  Exactly right.  On my Blog-Cast last week I called it a "match made in heaven", a mediocre quarterback traded to a team and city begging for mediocrity.

All bitter feelings aside, stats don't lie -

Plummer, 32, had a 32-11 regular-season record under Kubiak, going 9-2 in 2003, 10-6 in 2004 and 13-3 in 2005.

In his four seasons with the Broncos, Plummer was 39-15 in the regular season and 1-3 in the playoffs.

When he played for Kubiak, Plummer's touchdown-to-interception ratio was 15-7 in 2003, 27-20 in 2004 and 18-7 in 2005.

That's 60 touchdown passes and 34 interceptions.

Under Kubiak, Plummer had the best passer ratings of his career: 91.2, 84.5 and 90.2.

Plummer definitely played well for Kubiak, and a reunion with the former Bronco OC might be just what the football doctor ordered, at least until the Texans fans wish for more than 8-8 seasons.