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A No Brainer, Walker Will Stay A Bronco

Walker Cashed In Big In 2006
Just like any great offer, it is important to read the fine print.  Last year the Broncos traded a second round pick to Green bay for Javon Walker and signed him to a huge contract extension.  Read the fine print, however, and the contract was set up a way so that the Broncos were protected in case Walker's damaged kne to come back from the torn ACL that ended his 2005 season.

The contract was basically a 1 year deal, with a huge bonus that would trigger the remaining 5 years of the contract.  The idea, Walker would need to prive he was healthy enouogh to be paid like a premier receiver.  If he did, he'd be paid, if not, he would be a free agent come March 2.

All Walker did this season was become the light in the dark that was the Broncos offense for most of this past season.  His stats -- 69 catches, 1084 yards and 8 TDs was among the league leaders, and while not enough for a trip to the Pro Bowl was plenty enough for the Broncos to trigger the the bonus, keeping Walker in Denver the next 5 seasons.

Walker is due $10.3 million this year, most of which was due yesterday.  The Broncos paid it, keeping Walker in town.

I have to say I feel good for Walker.  He was underpaid, and when he tried to make note of it in Green Bay was called out by Brett Favre, a bad teammate in his own right.  Walker returned, only to get hurt in the season's first game.  The Broncos took a chance trading for Walker, and Walker took a chance signing a deal that really didn't pay until this off-season.  Kudos all around.

As for Walker off the field, hopefully he is getting the help he needs and can overcome the D-Will tragedy.  Walker works for one of the classiest organizations in sports, and if there is a better support system I'd like to see it.

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