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Rumor Report #1 -- T-Bell to Houston? Broncos eyeing Graham?

With Free Agency getting set to "kick-off" I will be posting these 'Rumor Reports' as often as necessary.  You can be part of the action as well.  If you see a rumor, anywhere, in the papaer, on-line, in a message board, post it in the Diary and I will move it to the front page.  Please include a link to the source for proper credit.  

Last week, avid reader SD Bronco posted a diary about a rumored trade involving the Broncos and Green Bay Packers with Tatum Bell heading to Lambeau for DE Kabreer Gbaja-Biamila.  There were some draft picks involved as well, but those were the main players.  I like the prospects of something like that, getting the Broncos a proven pass rusher while dumping Bell, a player who has run his course in Denver.

Now, Bill Williamson of the Denver Post has brought forth another rumor involving Bell.  Williamson reports that rumors are swirling that T-Bell could be headed to Houston with Jake Plummer in a deal that would get the Broncos the #8 overall pick in the draft.  The target in that scenario would be Adrian Peterson, though I have serious questions about Peterson's availability at #8.  

Would the Texans do it?  I think they would.  Houston has tried to build through the draft and it hasn't worked.  The last thing a team with so many holes needs is another high-priced draft pick that may or may not pan out.  The Texans need to taste some winning, now.  Plummer would stablize the quarterback position and Tatum Bell would give the Texans a back with breakaway speed to pair with Domenik Davis, if and when he returns

It was reported last week that Asante Samuel was 'Franchised' by the Patriots, probably signalling the end of Tight End Daniel Graham's stay in New England.  Williamson also reports that Graham will be a main target of the Broncos this off-season and to me that would be a great acquisition.  Graham would be a great compliment to Tony Scheffler, and is a significant upgrade at the position over guys like Stephen Alexander.

Graham is a solid blocker, an excellent receivere, and would give the Broncos a a guy that has Super Bowl rings and has been part of a winning culture, things I am always in support of.  Take all of that, then factor in that Graham went to the University of Colorado, and it could be a perfect fit for both parties.