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Plummer To Retire?? I Doubt It.

Update [3/2/2007 1:09pm by TheSportsGuru]:This post was written a few days ago, Jake Plummer is now reportedly going to retire as opposed to being traded to Tampa Bay. Click on the MHR Logo at the top-left for the latest news!

All along the thought has been that Jake Plummer would be in another uniform next season, traded or released after losing his job to Jay Cutler.  Plan C was never really brought up at any point, until today that is.  In an Interview today announcing his new foundation, Jay Cutler expressed that he and Plummer have had conversations about Jake's future --

"I think anybody close to Jake, who knows him on a personal level, if he came in one day and said 'I'm outta here' ... it wouldn't be a big surprise, but he's competitor. I know he loves the game and loves Sundays, so if he came back I wouldn't be surprised that way either."

Cutler's statements are exactly right.  Jake Plummer beats to a different drummer.  Part of what makes him so likeable is probably the same reason his time as Denver' starting quarterback ended like it did.  He loves the game of football, but doesn't LIVE the game of football.  WOuld anyone out there truly be shocked if Plummer decided 10 years was enough?

A new team, a new city, it all probably wears on Jake and I imagine he's even considering staying in denver as the backup.  Not a bad gig, holding a clip board on Sunday's, and out of the firestorm that is the Denver Bronco fandom.  Whatever ends up happening Jake will do what Jakes feels is best for himself, and that is all you can hope and expect anyone to do.