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Hey Shanny, Call The Bears, NOW!

A couple weeks ago I spoke on MHR Radio about my wishes for the off-season.  Patrick Kerney was one, and another, to stabalize the running back position was Thomas Jones of the Bears.  "He would look great with a horse on his helmet" I said.  And now it appears the Bears are willing to part with Jones, who was a lone bright spot during the Super Bowl Loss.

Jones would look great in Blue and Orange reported in its Rumors section that Jones has requested a trade and that the Bears are prepared to at least try and appease Jones.  

If I am Mike Shanahan I am on the phone rigth now with the Bears seeing what it will take.  If Adrian Peterson were a sure thing to be there around pick 8 or 9 I might wait, but since that may not happen Jones is the best back available in my opinion.

What do you guys and gals think???