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I Just Need To Talk Some Football

The hurt is still there, and while talking about something as meaningless as football during times like this might seem juvenile I think it helps me, and those of you out there that are hurting along with me.  The NFL Calendar doesn't care that the Broncos lost another young player, just scratching the surface of his talent, for absolutely no reason.  Free Agency is still set to kick off on Saturday, and roster decisions have to be made.  Here are my thoughts on the latest --

OL -- It has become a given that the Broncos are going to move on without George Foster or Cooper Carlisle on the offensive line.  Carlisle has been a steady, if not spectaculer, performer along the line but his time has past.  Foster has been a disappointment since being drafted in the first round in the 2003 draft.  Foster reminds me alot of another former top pick of the Broncos, Deltha O'Neil, who started fast before flaming out and getting benched.  It is expected the Broncos will try to trade him, and if unsuccessful will release him.  Carlisle will be allowed to leave as an un-restricted free agent.

RB -- Any hopes of Adrian Peterson falling far enough for the Broncos to trade up to get him flew by the way side when Peterson ran 4.38 40-yard dash.  Add that to his 38" vertical and Peterson is sure to go no further than #3 and the Browns who need a big time back.  After that, I still am not at all impressed with Marshawn Lynch.  There might be some value later in the draft with Tony Hunt, for instance, and think a pick like Hunt, combined with a pickup like Thomas Jones would improve the running game immensely.  Oh, and depite the rumors that Willis McGahee is available I have no desire to have another Diva from the U.  We've seen that show before and I have no desire to see it again.

DL -- The direction the Broncos want to take with the D-Line is starting to take shape with the luke-warm interest the Broncos are showing in DT Michael Myers.  Myers is a steady player, but the Broncos definitely want to upgrade.  The team is also looking to re-do Gerrard Warren's deal, though I would expect Warren to deny that request.  The cap hit is not that large and would essentially the same no matter what the Broncos decide to do with him.  If the Broncos could couple Warren with someone like Hollis Thomas, and the Broncos would have a nice chunk of beef to place in front of Al Wilson.

As always, let me know you thoughts, and feel free to utilize the Diary section to post your Broncos' Wants and Needs.