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Broncos Rumor Report Vol. 2 -- Dre' Bly

IMO, No Need For Bly
It made little news in Bronco Country last week when Detroit's Dre Bly requested a trade from the deep chasm that is Matt Millen's Lions.  Sure, the Broncos are short a DB but I feel pretty good about D-Fox starting the season and getting some reasonably priced veteran depth behind him.  Sounds like a plan, right?  Not to's Pat Kirwan.

An article by Kirwan today spoke of the possibility of Bly ending up in Denver, and even goes so far as to call the scenario the best case for both parties.

"From what I could gather, the best landing spot for Bly is Denver for possibly a third-round pick and a player or two. Detroit has a number of needs, and the Denver roster has a few guys who could help them. The sad and sudden death of running back Damien Nash will probably put the trade talks on hold for the time being, though."

A third round pick and a player or two?  Umm, no thanks.  Bly is heading into his 9th season, and of his four years in Detroit he managed to stay healthy for 16 games only once, last year.  He was dependable in St. Louis, but he should really start to trend downward in the next year or so.  His season high in INT's is 6, which he's done 3 different times.

Even worse yet is Bly's contract situation.  He will enter the last year of his contract, meaning he probably wants a long term deal.  His cap number for next season is over $5 million.  While a new contract would alleviate some of that number the Broncos have other areas of need much greater than at Corner Back.

The Broncos have Wants and Needs.  Bly might be considered a Want, but the Broncos need to focus on Needs if they want to get back into contention.

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