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Super Bowl XLI Is Leaving Me Wanting

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Every day I woke up planning to write some in depth preview of the Super Bowl.  Every day I just coulnd't bring my slef to do it.  Maybe it was D-Wil's murder, maybe it's the two teams involved.  I just can't get up for this game, and because of that I can't get up to pre-view it.  That said, it is the Super Bowl, and it deserves it's due from the MHR.

First off, if you have the means, I highly recommend the Samsung 61" DLP Projection TV.  It is true 1080p, and looks great with my DirecTV HD-DVR.  Of course I'll be heading to a Super Bowl Party and won't actually watch the game on it, but I'll record it in HD to enjoy it on a rainy day.  For anyone with a sweet ass bg screen, you the feeling when it comes to watching anything as long as it's in HD.  So far that is the only way I can stomach CBS' awful pregame show.

Enough about that, on to the game.  It seems very simple to me.  The field looks to be in tremendous shape and that plays right into the hands of the Colts.  Much like the indoor race track they play 8 games a year on in Indy, Pro Player stadium looks to be primed for a fast track.  The Bears, conversly, would be considered a "mudder" if they were a thoroughbred, preferring a sloppy surface similar to the mud pit the Saints wre forced to play in two weeks ago.  Rain is in the forcast, and the Bears were seen doing a rain dance a few minutes ago hoping for a deluge at kick-off.  Advantage Colts.

Ironically, good defensive teams usually beat good offensive teams in the Super Bowl.  The Ravens did it in 2000.  The Buccaneers did it in 2003.  On paper, the Bears have a great defense.  Too bad the paper lies.  This defense is decimated by injury, and has allowed over 27 points a game the past 7 games.  Not good.  The Colts defense is trending the opposite, and after being the worst team ever against the run has yet to allow 100 yards rushing to any team in the playoffs.  Sorry, Rexy, but the Advantage again goes to the Colts.

If the Bears win the game my guess is Devin Hestor is the MVP.  He is the difference maker, the X-Factor, that a game like this makes a star out of.  Remember Desmond Howard???  The Colts will obviously do everything they can to keep the ball away from Hestor, with the obvious way being not having to punt.  The Colts have the offensive fire power to keep their punter, Hunter Smith, off the field, and the ball out of Hestor's hands.  If I were the Bears I wuold have some offensive plays built in to get the ball in Hestor's hands in an attempt to create opportunities.

Let's not forget about the Vinatieri Factor in all of this.  If this game is somehow close in the end, and it comes down to Vinatieri, AGAIN, you'd have to reserve a spot for his bust in Canton now.  I mean, any player that wins 3 Super Bowls with his leg, and has a hand in a fourth should automatically be placed in the HOF, immediately.  Another advantage for the Colts.

Prediction time.  To me, all the BS in this game narrows down to one thing.  One matchup.  Peyton Manning Vs. Brian Urlacher.  The Bears defense runs the Cover 2, which Manning knows well since his team runs it as well.  Dallas Clark will be a target for Manning all day if Urlacher can't get deep enough down the middle.  If the Colts can run the ball early, and Urlacher is forced to watch for the run it could be a long day over the top.  Urlacher played receiver in high school and safety in college.  He has the speed to get deep, but all Peyton needs is a millisecond of hesitation.  Watch for that matchup.

In the end the Colts have just enough defense and waaaaay to much offense for the Bears.  I hedge just a little because Peyton Manning has never wn anything, at any level.  No state titles in high school, 0-4 against Florida in college, and shutout until now in AFC Title games.  Make or break time for the legacy of Peyton, and his coach Tony Dungy.  They'll get it done, becuase the moment will be too much for Rex Grossman.  Colts win!

Colts 31 - Bears 20