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Guru Truisms, Super Bowl Edition

A new thing I am going to do here at the MHR.  Every day I will have a few things I know are true, a feature I'll call "Guru Truisms", tidbits from the day before in the world of sports that form truths in my head about football, and the sports world in general.  Hey, we need something to help us get through the abyss that is the NFL off-season...Here are a few of these truisms after a sloppy Super Bowl XLI.

-- The only time the people were quiet at the party I was at was during the commercials.  What a disappointment they were, by the way, and if I had to pick a "winner" it would go to  Anytime there is a hot chick getting blasted with water by other hot chicks they win.

-- Not to pat myself on the back, but once again I nearly nailed the final score, and was right one target about Rex Grossman.  In the biggest moment of his life he came up awfully small.  He was off target all night and his two fumbled snaps were completely unacceptable.  Tell me again which team plays outside in Chicago and which team plays in a dome, because I couldn't tell.

-- Is it just me, or would Thomas Jones look great with a horse on the side of his helmet next season?  I don't know what the Bears are going to end up doing about their running back situation, but it is a safe bet the odd man out WON'T be the #4 pick in the draft a few years ago.  If Jones is available I would seriously think about trading my 2nd Round pick to get him, similar to Javon Walker last season.

-- A Guru Salute to Prince, who put on the best halftime show I have seen in quite some time.  In the rain, with pyrotechnics going off everywhere, and a marching band, his performance was flawless, and was nothing less that I would expect from a Rock icon.  On a side not, it was nice to see someone from the United States perform at our biggest sporting event's half time show.  No offense to Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones or U2, but we do have some legendary musical talent from this country without lining up Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.  Nice job to the NFL to get someone who is mature enough for the stage while still being relevent to the music scene.

-- I caught about 3 minutes of the pre-game, and immediately turned it off when it was a feature on Boomer Esiason and Shannon Sharpe getting a ride with the USAF Thunderbirds.  What the hell do the Thunderbirds have to do with the Super Bowl?  Sure, I know the "pre-game" is just a function of the network's attempt to recoup the ransom the NFL charges for rights to it's games, but come on.  There has to be something relating to the game that they can cover, like Rex Grossman's mother's favorite hobbies.

-- I really don't like the Colts that much but I can't help but feel good for Tony Dungy.  Here's a guy that does it right and has his whole career.  Watching him celebrate after everything he has been through the past 12 months brought a smile to my face.  I would love to say the same for Peyton Manning, but because his family is so damn annoying I can't bring myself to do it.  Dammit Archie, just go away.

-- We discovered a new sports phenominon so far in 2007.  To get "Ginned" is the act of running back the opening kickoff for a touchdown in a championship game before getting thoroughly dominated the rest of the way.  Named after Ted Ginn, Jr, whose run back against Florida ended with a foot injury during the celebration, and opend the can of whoop ass that was to follow.  Last night it was Devin Hestor, who electrified with his 97 yard return.  Two "Ginn" jobs in less tha a month, impressive and it has to be some sort of record.

--How great was it to see a Super Bowl game played in bad weather?  I mean, to me this opens up a Pandora's box of possibilities.  When I awoke this morning the thermostat in my car read minus-4 degrees.  Think about it, a Super Bowl in frigid temperatures.  I think all 32 cities should be free game to go after this game.  It just felt more like a football game when two teams from the upper mid-west were battling it out on a sloppy field.  Nice to see the uniforms get dirty for once.

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