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Missing The NFL?? Get Ready For SB XLII

If you are already going through NFL withdrawl(sure, the Pro Bowl is still to come, but come on...)fear not, because the odds-makers have published their favorites to win Super Bowl XLII in Arizona next year.

The Chargers and Colts lead the way at 6-1, while our beloved Broncos check in at 15-1.  The Bears are the favorite NFC team, at 8-1.

Looking for a long shot??  An amazing 8 teams, including the Browns, Raiders and Texans sit at 100-1 in early wagering.  Here is the entire list --

San Diego Chargers  6-1  
Indianapolis Colts 6-1  
Chicago Bears  8-1  
New England Patriots 8-1  
Baltimore Ravens  12-1  
Cincinnati Bengals  15-1  
Dallas Cowboys 15-1  
Denver Broncos 15-1  
Philadelphia Eagles  15-1  
Pittsburgh Steelers 15-1  
Carolina Panthers  18-1  
New Orleans Saints 20-1  
Seattle Seahawks 20-1  
New York Giants  25-1  
New York Jets  30-1  
Jacksonville Jaguars 30-1  
Kansas City Chiefs 30-1  
Miami Dolphins  40-1  
Tennessee Titans  40-1  
Washington Redskins  50-1  
Arizona Cardinals 50-1  
Atlanta Falcons  50-1  
Buffalo Bills  50-1  
St. Louis Rams  50-1  
Cleveland Browns  100-1  
Detroit Lions 100-1  
Green Bay Packers 100-1  
Houston Texans 100-1  
Minnesota Vikings  100-1  
Oakland Raiders  100-1  
San Francisco 49ers 100-1  
Tampa Bay Buccanneers  100-1