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Guru Truisms - 'Peyton Manning Is Not Human' Edition

Peyton Manning is not of this earth.  He has to be a cyborg, or at least an alien from another planet.  Has any player, in any sport, ever, been less happy about winning a championship?  I just rememeber the sheer joy and elation on John Elway's face when he won his first title.  Yea, it did take John alot longer, but still, a subtle fist pump and a smile.  That was it.  Then yesterday during the 'party' in the RCA dome Manning barely raised his voice in conjoling the crowd.  What happened to a Mark Madsen-esque dance, or the horrible rap last season by some no name Steeler?  He just cannot be human to have that little of a reaction towards winning that elusive title.  Rumor has it Peyton was studying film in preperation for next year after the game....

Calm down, Peyton, it's just the Super Bowl

With apologies to Ravens and Steelers fans everywhere, Bob Sanders is the best safety in football, period.  Just look at the way the Colts' defense playes with and without Sanders in the lineup.  The Colts D doesn't have to play at an elite level for Indy to have success and with Sanders they are good enough to get it done.

Speaking of safeties, congrats to John Lynch for winning the Bart Starr Award.  The award goes to a player who best exemplifies great character and leadership off the field.  A deserving honor for Lynch, who has found new life in Denver after being dumped by Jon Gruden in Tampa.  On a down note, if the Broncos are committed to Lynch again next season an upgrade is needed on the other side, where Nick Ferguson just isn't getting it done.  Lynch is still effective at the line of scrimmage, but is a liabilty in coverage.  Ferguson plays a similar style, which puts alot of pressure on the corners.  The Broncos need to draft, or pick up in free agency, a safety with great cover skills to sure up the defensive back-field.

Congrats to Lynch, though the Broncos need to upgrade

The ratings are out, and Super Bowl XLI was the third most watched television show ever, falling behind the finale of M.A.S.H. and Super Bowl XXX between Dallas and Pittsburgh.  It's not surprising, since Chicago is one of the largest T.V. markets, and the Bears have one of the largest fan bases in sports.  Ironically, the most 'TIVO'd' moment of the game was a Bud commercial.  Priorities, people, priorities.

A Guru Hat Tip to the NFL for getting it right.  Rumor has it the league is going to institue a new rule making players that are suspended for steriods ineligible for the Pro Bowl.  The 'Merriman Rule', as I will call it, should be annouonced sometime in March.  All parties seem to be in agreement that celebrating the season of a player caught cheating is the wrong message to send.  I applaude the NFL for once again being ahead of the curve when it comes to doing what is right.

Next year, cheater's like Merriman won't be in Hawaii

The best 7 hours in radio have to be Mike and Mike in the Morning followed by Colin Cowherd on ESPNRadio.  Golic and Greenberg have developed a chemistry and raport seldom seen anymore on radio becuase it take time to obtain.  The two have been together since 1999 and are still going strong.  Cowherd, who replaced Tony Kornheiser two years ago is brash and opinionated, but his take is fresh becuase it goes against the East Coast bias that is so prevalent in national sports talk.  If you are getting a bit tired of the Jim Rome gig, take a listen to Cowherd, you won't be disappointed.

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