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Guru Truisms - 'Is Prince A Pervert' Edition

I have looked, and I just don't see it.  In the "Post-Equipment Malfunction" era we live in, Dan Patrick, among others, used his radio show to prove even further he is the worst radio host in America.  Patrick made the point of saying Prince was sexually explicit during his Super Bowl perfomance.  Take a look and decide for yourselves --

After contacting CBS, and the NFL, about the issue, Patrick was told that it is "a real stretch to come to the conclusion that the figure is anything else than a guitar".  What Patrick should know is anything, if looked at hard enough, or discussed long enough, could be considered explicit. Football in general is filled with it, if that is your sort of thing, which for Dan Patrick it must be.  No wonder Patrick, and former SportsCenter host Keith Olberman giggled everytime they talked about "Tight Ends" and "Wide Receivers".

Nothing annoys me more than watching NFL Network coverage of the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  Ok, so annoying is the wrong term.  I'm jealous as hell.  Watching Rich Eisen, Marshall Faulk, and all the NFL stars in flowered shirts, basking in sunshine, while I am sitting in single digits does just slightly ruin my day.  Speaking of the Pro Bowl, does anyone else find it amazing that there hasn't been a recent serious injury to a superstar in the game?  Sure, Robert Edwards of the Patriots destroyed his knee playing a rediculous touch football game on the beach, but it's been a long while since someone was severely hurt during the actual game.  To me, I breath a small sigh of relief everytime one of the Broncos bows out.

Tough life, Rich...

Shanny held his annual State of the Broncos pow-wow with the media yesterday, and as you might have guessed the status of Jake Plummer was a major topic of interest.  Shanahan is in the inenviable position of trying to raise the stock of a player that just 2 months ago was declared not good enough of starting behind a rookie.  "He's 40-18 as a starter (here) and there should be a number teams that want to look at a starter and to give him the opportunity to show what he's capable of doing."  In the same breath, Shanahan explained the timing of the move to Jay Cutler, "I definitely thought it was the right time when you're averaging 17 points a game and you're 7-4 and you're not going anywhere in the playoffs, not with 17 points a game. We put Jay in there and we averaged 25 points a game."  Tough spot to be in.  There will, no doubt be interest in Plummer, with a number of teams at the breaking point with their current QB situation.  A perfect spot seems to be Houston, where good buddy Gary Kubiak could utilize a player like Plummer to stablize the quarterback position, as well as be a good bridge to who-ever the Texans groom for the future.  Plummer needs to be in a situation where the expectation is the Super Bowl, like Denver.  Houston would just love to go .500.  Seems like a match made in heavon to me.

Finally, it was reported that the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is a bit unhappy with a Snickers commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.  If you missed it, the commercial shows two mechanics eating opposite ends of a Snickers bar, Lady and the Tramp style, until their lips touch at the end.  Disgusted, the two decide they have to do "something manly" to make up for their transgression.  In the ad, the two men pull their chest hair out to feel better about themselves.  It seems the group is even more unhappy about a website that has alternate endings that the public can vote on for broadcast during the Daytona 500.  Even further, there is video of NFL players watching the video, reacting to each scenario.  What I am trying to figure out is whether GLAAD is upset becuase of the ad, or becuase it was two dirty mechanics instead of Jake Gyllenhaal from Brokeback Mountain.  They don't seem to have an issue with that.  Anyone else offended by the ads?