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A Fan is a Fan, No Matter Who You Root For

This has nothing to do with the Broncos, or the NFL for that matter.  It comes from fellow SBNation blogger Nestor, who heads up Bruins Nation, a blog that covers athletics at UCLA.

A Diary entry written by one of the members of Bruins Nation caught Nestor's eye and he shared it with the rest of SBNation through an e-mail group we all belong to.  

Though it specifically speaks of the bond UCLA sports created with a father and son I have a feeling that any team could be substituted.

A bit more eye opening to me was the effect Bruins Nation had on the author, serving a theraputic need during a tough time. Several of us look at fellow fans as part of an extended family, since people who share the same passion instantly have common ground. It shows the true power a site like this can possess, and what something like this can mean, and the support it can offer people.

Again, I thank you for being part of the MHR family and remind you to use the site for what ever purpose you need. The Diary feature is there for you to do with what you want and I encourage you to use it. You never know when it might come in handy, as the folks over at Bruin nation found out.