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The First Blog-Cast Is Live!!

At long last, the first edition of MHR Radio has gone live.  It was completed at Blog Talk Radio, and the idea is simple.  The show is actually a live talk show, that I host, and you can listen to and interact with via IM and a call-in number.  I encourage you to do that!

I plan on doing the show every Thursday at 7:30 EST and it will last an hour(tonite's show was 30 minutes, but easily could have lasted an hour).  It has an RSS feed you can subscribe to in order to listen to shows you miss and you can even use iTunes to subscribe.  Pretty neat indeed.

So, please take a listen and let me know your thoughts, and most importantly listen live next week and become part of the MHR Blog-cast!

Head over to the link under the Diary section on the right side-bar to check out tonite's show!!!