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Broncos Acquire Dre' Bly From Lions For Tatum Bell and George Foster

Despite my public outcries, the Denver Broncos traded Tatum Bell and George Foster to the Detroit Lions for CB Dre' Bly. What makes this a great deal for the Broncos is the fact they did not have to part with any of their draft picks. This allows the team continued flexibility when it comes to the draft.

I know there are some out there that'll think I didn't want Dre Bly. Let me be clear. I am for whatever makes the Denver Broncos a better football team. To me, giving up draft picks for Bly didn't make us better. Giving up two players we didn't want anyway for Dre' Bly DOES make the Broncos a better football team and I am all for that. Bly is a solid player. I still have my concerns about his durability, but coming to a team where he won't have to be the man can only help his production. We'll have to wait and see what his contract situation will be, but bu getting Bly for only players make this a great trade for Denver, today and in the future.

Update [2:10pm by TheSportsGuru]: Ok, so I have thought about it for a second. Do you guys and gals realize what just happened? We were able to get a top-notch Corner to pair with the best cover guy in the league for nothing more than two guys we had no use for anyway. Even with how good the Portis/Bailey trade has worked out for us, at the time it seemed like it was a bit lopsided towards the Redskins. This deal, however, while plugging holes for both sides is definitely on that favors the Broncos. T-Bell and Foster were gone anyway, and now we get Bly. The cap hit is not nearly as much of a problem becuase of the salary wash with Bell and Foster.

Needless to say this is a bright day in what has been a dark off-season for the Broncos!

Update #2[2:17 by TheSportsGuru]: It now looks like there is a pick involved, believed to be a 5th Rounder. Let's hope it ends there....