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Just Heard On 'The Herd' - Plummer to Buccaneers

Just heard Len Pasquarelli from tell Colin Cowherd that the pieces are in place for the Broncos to send Jake Plummer to Tampa for a mid-round draft pick.

While the trade isn't official, it could be annouonced as early as today.

This was also repported on Cold Pizza this morning... Here is a link to's story. It is looking like the pick would be a fourth rounder, which gets the Broncos back into the early part of day two of the draft. They didn't have a fourth rounder as part of the Ashley Lelie trade, and traded their fifth rounder to Detroit as part of the Dre Bly deal.

Another solid move by the Broncos, not wasting any time dumping a player that is not part of the future. Keep it here for the latest.