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Free Agency Officially Underway For Broncos

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!  Or at least open your wallets.  Team and players are officially allowed to begin talking contracts, and already several of the names we have been hearing are planning visits to Dove Valley.  John Clayton Describes some of the activity already taking place ad the Broncos seem to be one of the aggressors early on.  

Two Free Agents will visit with the Broncos later today.  Patrick Kerney and Daniel Graham are both names that have been connected to the Broncos for the past couple of weeks, and at least in Kerney's case it seems he is coming to Denver in hopoes of never leaving.

"Falcons defensive end Patrick Kerney will begin his free agency tour in Denver. If no deal is worked out there, Kerney is off to Seattle for a visit."  That's how Clayton puts it in his article, and Kerney is the only such player described as such.  We'll keep our eyes and ears on it for you, so stay tuned to the MHR as the day goes on!

An interesting trend has developed in Denver.  With Tatum Bell on his way to Detroit, the Broncos have parted ways with their leading rusher from the year before 4 straight years now.  I know the Broncos seem to have an affinity for dumping 1000-yard rushers, but this has to be unprecedented.  Below are the runners, their totals from that year, and what the Broncos did with them --

2003  Clinton Portis -- 1591 yards -- Traded to Washington

2004  Reuben Droughns -- 1240 yards -- Traded to Cleveland

2005  Mike Anderson -- 1014 yards -- Released

2006  Tatum Bell -- 1025 yards -- Traded to Detroit

The rushing totals have gone down almost each season, though the past coule of years the Broncos have emplyed a multiple-feature back look.  My gut tells me Shanny is looking for an every down back again, and the ouster of Bell is a statement in that direction.

A sincere thank you to all my guests lasst night on MHR Radio.  It was a busy news day for the Broncos and everyone was great!!  Click this LINK if you want to check out last night's episode or any of the others in the archive.