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Bly Signs Long-Term

So much for all those 'Dre Bly Hate Denver' rumors.  News broke this afternoon that the Broncos and Bly have agreed on a long-term contract extension.  The details of the deal, 5-years/$33 Million includes $16 million guaranteed.

As recent as yesterday, Shanny had expressed his confidence that Bly would come around to the idea of playing in Denver.

This is a solid move by the Broncos, who continue to spend cash like it was monopoly money.  Bly, who wanted elite corner money, got it, and he'll get his chance to to prove his worth, being opposite Champ Bailey.  Bly figures to see alot of action, and his aggressive style fits well with what Bob Bates likes to do on defense.

UPDATE 3/29 -- Here are the latest quoteables on the Dre Bly signing, starting with...

Owner Pat Bowlen -- "Yes, we just signed Dré Bly, that was big. I feel very good about where we are. We have two great cornerbacks now in Champ and Dré."

Kennard McGuire, Bly's Agent -- "Ted Sundquist and I displayed nothing but a positive outlook during the talks. I have maintained all along that no one has heard Dré publicly complain about his situation. I'd think this new deal would end all that talk."

Shanny -- We're very happy to have him, he fits in great."

Like McGuire states this will end all the talk regarding Bly and his future in Denver. It should also put to bed any potential trades that will net the Broncos a high draft pick in the first round.