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First Annual SBNation Mock Draft

Time To Get Your Draft On, MHR!

Major Announcement!!!  The football sites of, which yours truly is a member, is getting set to launch our First Annual SBNation Mock Draft.  Now, we all know there are thoushands of Mock Drafts out there, but this one is a bit unique.  Unlike others, where some blow-hard, know-it-all, is making picks for every team, we are going to have guys, and sites, that have infinite knowledge of their teams making the picks.  Even better, we are going to go three rounds, and trades are allowed.  No crazy, Techmo Bowl-type trades, real trades, that we might find possible.

That's where you guys and gals come in.  You are the best fans in the NFL, and some of you really know your s*** when it comes to the Draft.  I want our pick to be a community pick. So, I will keep you posted on the draft, and when we are getting close, I give you some options and we'll all make the Broncos pick together.  Sound good???

The Draft will be hosted over at FieldGulls, our Seattle Seahawks site.  It was appropriate, seeing that the 'Hawks are without a first round pick in the draft.

Officially taking suggestions for our pick, and trade ideas as well!!!


  1. Oakland
  2. Detroit
  3. Cleveland
  4. Tampa Bay
  5. Arizona
  6. Washington
  7. Minnesota
  8. Atlanta
  9. Miami
  10. Houston
  11. San Francisco
  12. Buffalo
  13. St. Louis
  14. Carolina
  15. Pittsburgh
  16. Green Bay
  17. Jacksonville
  18. Cincinnati
  19. Tennessee
  20. NY Giants
  21. Denver
  22. Dallas
  23. Kansas City
  24. New England (from Seattle)
  25. NY Jets
  26. Philadelphia
  27. New Orleans
  28. New England
  29. Baltimore
  30. San Diego
  31. Chicago
  32. Indianapolis