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Shanny Not To Be Trifled With

Is there any coach out there more vindictive than Mike Shanahan?  Screw with him and prepare to face the wrath.  

Yesterday, Shanny thought the he had rid the team of the Jake Plummer situation by trading him to Tampa Bay.  Plummer, a western U.S. guy his entire life wasn't enamored by going to the right coast, and jumping right into the type of QB controversy that he faced last season with the Broncos.  Instead, Plummer leaked word that he would retire, nullifying the deal.

There was much speculation that Plummer was retiring to try and control where his next football stop would be, specifically Houston, with olf friend Gary Kubiak.  If Plummer could force the Broncos hand, perhaps Kub's would baiil him out.  I never thought that was the case, but it made for quite the story line.

Mike Shanahan is fiercely loyal, but will also make the tough decisions needed to keep the Broncos at the cusp of the Super Bowl.  The decision to replace Plummer, as well as the decision to trade him to the Buccaneers were made in the best interest of the Denver Broncos.

When PLummer decided to throw a wrench in Shanny's plans you knew he would respond.  Today, the Broncos traded Plummer to Tampa Bay anyway, for a conditional 2008 pick instead of the 2007 fourth rounder the Broncos would have gotten.  Nothing really changes, except for the rights to Plummer, should he ever want to play again, now belong to Tampa Bay, and should Plummer officially retire tomorrow it would be as a Buccaneer, not a Denver Bronco.  That may not seem like a big deal, but it's just enough of a big F U from Shanahan to Plummer for trying to push the Mastermind around.

Sure, maybe I am making a big deal about something that simply is nothing, but I think I have seen enough of these types of moves to know when Shanny simply isn't just sticking in the knife, but twisting it as well.

Who knows wha the future holds, but today's move does mean Jake Plummer's future has nothing to do with the Denver Broncos, regardless of what Plummer decides to do.

In other Bronco news, the quest to bulk up the defensive line continuted with the acquisition of "Big Daddy" Dan Wilkinson from the Dolphins for a 6th Round pick.  Wilkinson's arrival closes the book on Michael Myers' career in Denver.  AS for Wilkinson, he missed most of last season with calf injuries, but at 6'5 340 pounds he adds the bulk inside to pair with Gerrard Warren the Broncos were looking for.  

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