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Kerney Takes The Money And Runs To Seahawks

You had to know this would happen.  I did, the moment Patrick Kerney left Dove Valley to visit the Seahawks.  Kerney has decided against the Broncos offer, instead agreeing to a 6-Year, $39.5 Million contract with the Seattle Seahwaks that includes $19.5 million in guarantees.  The Broncos tried to woo Kerney this past weekend, but you had to know the Seahawks were going to throw the bank at Kerney, especially after losing out on San Diego's Kris Dielman over the weekend.

Should we be upset?  Anytime you ask a girl out on a date and she says no you are disappointed, but sometimes that rejection leads to bigger and better things, a better looking girl perhaps.  Kerney was a decent player, but at 30 years old and coming off an injury plagued season in Atlanta you have to wonder if Kerney will ever be the player that amassed 13.5 sacks in 2004.

Need a bit more eye paint, Patty?

I'd imagine the Broncos knew they were out of the running when Kerney stayed in Seattle all day Monday and used that opportunity to nail down a deal with Travis Henry.  You can also be sure the Broncos might be sweetening the pot for Daniel Graham, who has stll not made a decision on where he will play next season.  Negotiations with Graham are set to begin in force tomorrow with the 'Hawks and Broncos the main battlants again.

With Henry in the fold to at least on paper settle the Broncos running back situation the Broncos are still in prime shape to take care of the pass rush situation in this year's draft if they play their cards right.  The draft is deep in D-End talent, and though it isn't a perfect science(see Paul Toviessi), the Broncos did have some success with Elvis Dumervil last season.

I guess what I am getting at is though the flavor of the week turned us down for the dance there's a good chance a hotter prospect is right around the corner, and this time next year it could be the Broncos who are considered the winners of the Kerney battle, simply for losing out.

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