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Take That, 'Hawks! Broncos Get Graham

Hey Seattle! Shhhhh.
The Denver Broncos may have lost out on Patrick Kerney, but won round two of the battle with the Seattle Seahawks. is reporting the Broncos signed TE Daniel Graham to a 5-year, $30 million contract. For Graham, the pull to return home and play in front of family and friends....wait, forget it...I would love to say that, to say that Graham wanted to "come home", to play for the team his father played for, but that's not the case.

I said all along that Graham appeared to be a guy that was going to take the last dollar. Nothing in the report of his signing leads me to believe otherwise.

Says's John Clayton - Graham ended up with a five-year, $30 million deal from the Broncos that included $15 million in guarantees. As negotiations drew to a close, Graham was torn as to which team was best for him. The idea of getting back to Colorado appealed to him. He went to high school in Denver. But the Seahawks situation was also appealing. They wanted to draft him in the first round in 2002. Graham's agent, Tom Mills, didn't shop the offers of either team but in the end he needed to see where the numbers would go. The Broncos stepped up at the ending by offering the most dollars and the most guarantees. Graham took the Broncos deal.

$15 Million in guarantees? Yowsers! I will say this. The Broncos offense has always been extremely Tight End friendly, and not since Shannon Sharpe and Dwayne Carswell lined up in double-tight end sets have the Broncos had a duo as talented or versatile. Both Tony Scheffler and Graham are excellent pass catchers and Graham is very good in the running game as well. I look for the Broncos to utilize the double-TE set as it's primary formation, even on some sure passing downs, becuase of the sheer talent at Tight End coupled with the lack of septh at WR.

Like it or hate it, the Broncos have been bold and agressive this off-season, like any team who underachieves should be. And it almost certainly sets up a draft weekend focused on improving the defense, with D-Line and Safety still a huge question mark.

What does MHR-Nation think about the deal??

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