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It is being reported that the Broncos have released LB Al Wilson.

Wilson plans to hold a news conference at his agent's office in Cherry Creek at 2 p.m. Friday. It can be seen live on

Wilson was the subject of attempted trades by the Broncos in recent weeks. One deal with the New York Giants fell apart after Wilson failed a physical.

The team has decided to release Wilson because of his impact on the salary cap and his injury last season, according to Lombardi.

Wilson suffered a neck injury late last season and was carried off the field on a stretcher. He returned to play in the following games.

Wilson was the Broncos' 1st round draft pick in 1999 and was the team's defensive captain.

UPDATE -- Al WILSON's PRESSER -- I just watched Al Wilson's press conference, and wanted to share some interesting statements -- Al's agent, Peter Schaffer, spoke first,

***We were notified last night that the Broncos were releasing Al. It is not a sad day, but a celebration of a great career with the Broncos.

***We'll make sure that Al is competely healthy, and if he is, Al will make the best decision for his family.

***Al feels like he still has a few good years left.
Then Al took the stage and answered some questions. Here were some of the more interesting remarks...
***It was time for a change. It wasn't that we couldn't come to an agreemenr(about a restructure), I think the team wanted to go in another direction.

***No regrets. I gave everything I had to the team and the fans. Not mad or sad. Looking forward to the next step.

***If I can get medically cleared, I'll start looking at what situation is best.

***I just want to play ball. No preferences, any team that wants to give me a chance I am all for it.

***I feel good, been working out, staying in shape.

***Been in touch with the doctors, making sure I am getting better and when the time comes, and I am cleared to play, I'll play
It has become poignantly clear that Al Wilson is has severely injured and may never play football again. It was reported on NFL Radio today that Al received a second opinion on his neck/back and it confirmed what ever the Giants had seen during their physical. This move became as much about protecting Al Wilson, and protecting the Broncos, as it did about money. There were three different times during the presser that Al said the words "if I get cleared" to play football again. There is no guaruntee that Wilson will ever get cleared, or will ever play again. As sad as I was when I heard the news, I was calmed by how upbeat Wilson was, calling today a "celebration", and wish #56 nothing but the best in whatever tomorrow holds. He will always be a Denver Bronco to me.

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