Denver to move to 10?

According to Pro Football Talk via, the Broncos and Texans are discussing a trade to move the Broncos into the top ten .  Such a deal would likely cost Denver their second and third round picks.  Though teams don't have to strictly obey the draft value chart (and Denver normally comes out ahead in their draft trades) I would assume they are the aggressors in such a move, leading to a cost closer to what "the chart" says.

The article also asserts that Denver's targets would be Okoye, Willis, or Carriker...

...this is where I take issue with the story.  I don't doubt Denver is trying to move, but I would think that of those three, Willis would be the only player they would actually be targeting on that list.  When was the last time Denver ever tipped their hand in a draft trade?  When we picked up D.J. Williams, most felt that Denver was moving up to get Steven Jackson.  In 2005, nobody knew Denver's intentions in their trades, and last season, Denver jockeyed all around and before the trade to get Cutler was announced, most analysts believed that Denver's target was Leinart.

Basically, Denver does not tip their hand to anyone.  My best guess?  This would be a move for Alan Branch.  Like me, Denver does not buy into the belief that Branch's stock is in a free fall.  Teams like St. Louis and even San Francisco could have a real interest, and according to Sirius NFL Radio, Branch wouldn't make it past Cincinnati, leaving him short of pick 21.  

Another player this could be for is Jamaal Anderson.  Players rarely tumble too far late without the help of teams trying to push such a fall.  He's a project, but if this is the end Bates wants to form his line around, Denver will have to move up to get him.  

Dark horse?  Jarvis Moss.  Most experts have him slotted late in round one, but after Adams, Moss is the best pure speed rusher with a plethora of moves.  I like his sack potential more than Anderson's.  If Denver does indeed covet Moss (he's rarely associated with this team by those close to the team...) and feel that St. Louis or Jacksonville or even Pittsburgh will pounce on him, they could move up to assure getting him.  Also, they could move to ten to sell to a team before Pittsburgh that wants Willis if he isn't selected already.  Willis is on the radars of basically every team between ten and fifteen.  Carolina and St. Louis may not be interested in trading down in round one to 21, so they may be more interested in ten, and Denver would then get a better slot to take Moss.  

Ted Ginn Jr. would likely slot third in that group, and his impact has already been discussed on here.

While I don't doubt Denver is indeed discussing such a trade, and would pull it off before draft day because they have a handful of players in mind, I don't believe it is for the listed players by Scout (Okoye for one, won't even be available, and if he is, doesn't fit the scheme).  To put it plainly, if we know Denver's draft intentions ahead of time, it will be a first.

To me, this is Denver's big play for Branch.

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