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It's Here!! The 2007 NFL Draft Day Open Thread and Diary -- ROUND 1

(9:15AM est) -- Only 3 hours to go until the Raiders make the first selection, and the MHR has you covered from #1 to Mr. Irrelevent.  I will be Live Blogging all of Day 1, giving you the opportunity to get my take on anything and everything NFL Draft related.  Feel free to post your comments as well and I will bring the best onto the main page for all to see.

As it stands, the Broncos have 6 picks, 4 of those today during Rounds 1-3.  The list of the picks is below --

Round 1: No. 21 overall
Round 2: No. 56 overall
Round 3: Nos. 70 and 86 overall
Round 6: Nos. 176 and 198 overall
Round 7: No. 233 overall

The chances the Broncos keep all 4 picks today is slim to none in my opinion, but does anyone really know what The Mastermind is thinking?  

The time for Mocks are done, no more Todd McShay and Mel Kiper sissy fighting on ESPN News.  Draft Day is here, Christmas Day in the NFL!

(10:30AM est) -- Quickly becoming Super Bowl-esque in hype and pre-game, the action starts 90 minutes before a team even goes on the clock on NFL Network. It has taken exactly 42 seconds for Deion Sanders to annoy me. Which converage to stick with will be a huge decision for me to make as the day goes on, though seeing Kiper's 'do in HD is tempting.

(10:35AM est) -- Early rumors already piling in...Mike Mayock reports the Adrian Peterson's shoulder injury could be more serious than thought, and if he needs a plate inserted on his collar-bone he will probably be ineffective until '08, or risk re-injury. Another rumor involves Randy Moss and the New England Patriots, with trade talks heating up between the Raiders and Pats.

(10:50AM est) -- You gotta love Joe Thomas, who refused to involve himself in all the Draft BS, instead choosing to go fishing with his dad, like he has done every draft day for the past 18 years. Though the NFL Network will have a camera man on the boat, no Live feed will be permitted.

(11:00AM est) -- ESPN's coverage begins, but I just can't pull away from Roger Goodell, being interviewed on NFL Network. In a word, Goodell is a total Bad-Ass!!

(11:10AM est) -- Officially following ESPN's coverage, and get a chance to catch Suzy (Can I Kiss You) Kolber interview JaMarcus Russell, then Calvin Johnson. A few observations...First, Russell has BUST written all over him, and to have him in Oakland couldn't make me happier!!! Johnson, on the other hand, is a pimp and looks like he is going to be a Super-Star!!!

(12:10PM est) -- And it officially begins, and it couldn't be soon enough!!! The Raiders are on the clock, and in minutes the shape of the AFC West will change forever. As a part of this I will say what I think each team should do.

If I Were The Raiders -- I would take Calvin Johnson, trade Randy Moss to NE or GB, then take Trent Edwards or Drew Stanton in the 2nd Round.

(12:20PM est) -- OAKLAND RAIDERS -- QB JaMarcus Russell -- They took awhile, but in the end they did what all of us thought they would. The Raiders make JaMarcus Russell the #1 Pick in the draft for the 8th time in the last 10 years. Both Kiper and Jaworski think Russell will be the next best think to leather helmets. I am not so sure. Russell may no turn out to be Ryan Leaf, but I don't think he'll be Donovan McNabb either....DETROIT LIONS ON THE CLOCK

(12:30PM est) -- The Lions are next, and while the Lions have struggled with picking WR's in the past, I have said it many times, you CANNOT let the ghosts of draft's past haunt you in the here and now. Calvin Johnson looks like he is the REAL DEAL.

If I Were The Lions -- Take Calvin Johnson, then get on the phone and either trade him for picks and players, or keep him, add him to Roy Williams, and scare the jock-strap out of defenses throughout the NFC!!!

(12:35PM est) -- DETROIT LIONS -- WR Calvin Johnson -- Solid choice, regardless of what they decide to do with it in the end. Johnson is projected by most to be the best player in the draft, and if the Lions play their cards right it will be a win-win in Detroit, regardless of what the outcome is.....CLEVELAND BROWNS ON THE CLOCK

If I were The Browns -- For weeks I have said the Browns should take Adrian Peterson to add a dynamic running back to that offense. My opinion has changed. The Browns have an opportunity to solidify their offensive line in a big way, not only with this pick, but later as well. Take Joe Thomas, and forget about your LT postion for the next 10-15 years!

(12:45PM est) -- CLEVELAND BROWNS -- OT Joe Thomas -- When you really, really think about it, it was the right thing to do. The Browns have yet to address their O-Line since returning to the League in 1999. Thomas is the safest pick, this side of Calvin Johnson, and if the Browns really do want a QB there will be guys like Trent Edwards and Drew Stanton available in Round 2. Solid Choice for the Browns...

12:50PM est -- If I Were The Buccaneers -- The Bucs want Calvin Johnson, but that defense is getting old, FAST. Take Gaines Adams, and KEEP HIM. Inject some youth in the defense and start playing the type of Buc football that won a Super Bowl.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - DE Gaines Adams -- Adams is a solid pick, but in the end the Bucs will probably trade the pick. Adams really doesn't really fit the Cover 2 system that Kiffin uses. We'll see, but for now Adams heads to Tampa....ARIZONA CARDINALS ON THE CLOCK

(1:00PM est)If I Were The Cardinals -- The Cardinals have some interesting choices to make. Levi Brown makes a bit of sense, with the Cardinals in need of a LT to protect Matt Leinart. Adrian Peterson is an option, but Edge isn't done. Even Landry here, though a bit of a surprise, would be a solid choice, and would add some physicality to the defense. In the end, the Cards will take Levi Brown.

(1:05PM est) -- ARIZONA CARDINALS -- OT Levi Brown -- A little high to take Brown, but the Cardinals have to protect their franchise QB, and Brown was the next best tackle on the board. Russ Grimm will turn Brown into a solid lineman. Solid pick for the Cards.....WASHINGTON REDSKINS ARE ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The Redskins -- It took just over an hour for Tony Kornheiser to make a stupid comment. Anyway, the Redskins only have one pick in the top 5 rounds of the draft and this is it. Most people think the 'Skins should trade the pick in order to get more picks. Knowing the 'Skins only have one pick, teams are likely to undersell on a trade, forcing Joe Gibss to keep the pick. 'Skins need the picks, however, and should try and make a trade happen...Laron Landry is a possibility with this pick...

(1:15PM est) -- WASHINGTON REDSKINS -- S Laron Landry -- I am 6 for 6, with the Redskins apparently taking Landry, who is an absolute stud in the defensive backfield. I secretly wished for the Broncos to make a play for Landry, but it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I need to start putting money on the draft!!! BTW, Chris Berman is an idiot!!!MINNESOTA VIKINGS ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The Vikings -- The Vikings already have a decent defense, and they seem committed to Tavarious Jackson, a 2nd rounder last year, at QB. The best medicine for a team with a young QB is a stud running back, and regardless of injury concern, AP is a stud running back. Vikings will take AP.

(1:25PM est) -- The Steve Spurrier Under Armour commercials are already annoying!!!

(1:30PM est) -- MINNESOTA VIKINGS -- RB Adrian Peterson -- Ok, AP's dad spent 10 years in the slammer...Where the hell he get that watch?? Anyway, Peterson goes to the Vikings, and Brad Childress got himself a bit of a steal. If the collar-bone issue hadn't reared it's ugly head over the past week I think the Browns would have take Peterson. As it is, Peterson heads north and will be a huge help to a young QB....ATLANTA FALCONS ON THE CLOCK

(1:30PM est) -- If I Were The Falcons -- An interesting time in the draft for Atlanta. Could the Falcons make a move for Quinn, especially since Vick is a ticking time-bomb. Interesting thought, but not likely....Jamaal anderson is probably the safe pick, but a trade is a definite possibility. Could the Broncos be on the phone with Rich McKay right now?

(1:40PM est) -- ATLANTA FALCONS -- DE Jamaal Anderson -- Like I said, Anderson was the safe pick for the Falcons, though I am not sure one good year a top-10 pick makes. The Falcons had a need after losing Kerney, and Anderson has some potential, but I think it was a bit of a reach....MIAMI DOLPHINS ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The Dolphins -- Two words....Brady Quinn

(1:45PM est) -- It's time to get good buddy Gary Kubiak on the phone and get into the Top 10!

(1:50PM est) -- Steve Young makes the first-ever American Idol reference in a NFL Draft...

MIAMI DOLPHINS -- WR Ted Ginn -- Our first surprise, and it is a shocker. The slide of Brady Quinn has officially begun. The Dolphins take Ginn, in a spot WAAAY too high. I don't know what is happening, but I am shocked....HOUSTON TEXANS ON THE CLOCK

(1:55PM est) -- If I Were The Texans -- This one is easy, make a trade with the Broncos!! :)

(2:00PM est) -- Leinart face is now officially known as Quinn face.

(2:05PM est) -- HOUSTON TEXANS -- DT Amobi Okoye -- The Texans keep the pick, and take a D-Lineman for the 2nd straight year in the first round. Plenty of talent and plenty of upside for a kid who is still only 19....SAN FRANCISCO ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The 49'ers -- The Niners made a huge splash in the free-agent market, and to top it off could get one helluva linebacker in Patrick Willis

(2:15PM est) -- Does anyone care that Chris Berman is a Buffalo Bills fan?!?

SAN FRANCISCO 49'ers -- LB Patrick Willis -- Damn, I need to get paid for this. Willis is a stud linebacker and is going to fit is great on that defense. Another couple of years and the Niners are going to be SCARY!!! BUFFALO IS ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The Bills -- Buffalo needs a running back, and Lynch is still available. They could also use some help on the D-Line. Best value would be to trade down. Are the Bills sold on J.P. Losman??? We'll find out...

BUFFALO BILLS -- RB Marshawn Lynch -- Another pick I was pretty accurate on. Lynch fits a need, but I am not a fan of Cal runners, thus not high on Lynch. Liek the Vikings, however, the Bills have a young QB and need to protect him with some type of running back...ST. LOUIS IS ON THE CLOCK

If I Were The Rams -- The Rams have an interesting situation. They need D-Line help, but Marc Bulger is in the final year of his contract. Could the Rams take a chance and take best player available here and Quinn, or will it be Branch??

(2:35PM est) -- ST. LOUIS RAMS -- DE Adam Carriker -- Another need for the Rams was DE, and the Rams grab the best available at this point of the draft. Carriker should be a force on the turf....CAROLINA PANTHERS ON THE CLOCK

(2:45PM est) -- TRADE -- Our first trade of the day see the Panthers dealing the #14 pick to the Jets. Pricey trade -- Jets First(24), Second and Fifth Rounder for Panthers First(14) and Sixth Rounder. Jets should be looking DB.

(3:15PM est) -- The Guru's laptop crashes...Sorry for the delay, on with the show...

NEW YORK JETS -- CB Darrelle Revis -- A solid pick for the Jets, who needed to upgrade a below average defensive backfield. Hall and Revis were the best on the board, and while Hall might be better right now, Revis has the better up-side. A jolt to the Jets' return game as well...PITTSBUURGH STEELERS ON THE CLOCK

PITTSBURGH STEELERS -- LB Laurence Timmons -- Talking to a Steeler-fan friend of mine, TImmons was the guy they wanted, and I know he is happy as hell to get him. Should step right in for Joey Porter....GREEN BAY PACKERS ON THE CLOCK

GREEN BAY PACKERS -- DT Justin Harrell -- THe Packers reach BIG TIME for Harrell, who, when healthy was the best DT in the country his junior year at Tennessee, but has to have health questions after missing all but 3 games last year. The Packers had bigger needs if they want to try and win with Brett Favre....JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS ON THE CLOCK


If I Were The Broncos -- I already had the opportunity to do this, and picked up Alan Branch. I am not changing my opinion now....I hope we didn't give up the house to move up 4 spots....

DENVER BRONCOS -- DE JARVIS MOSS -- This guy has been connected to the Broncos since Day 1, and does fulfil a need on the outside, creating any kind of pass rush. The Broncos were able to keep #56 and #70, so all in all, for the Broncos to get the guy they wanted, not a bad trade....CINCINNATI BENGALS ON THE CLOCK

(3:35PM est) -- The pundits seem to be mixed on the Moss pick for the Broncos, but make no mistake, Moss is an athlete, and if he can learn a bit more about being a football player he could be a solid pick. Address a position of need...

CINCINNATI BENGALS -- CB Leon Hall -- The Bengals get a value pick in Hall, who most had long gone by now. The Bengals went DB last year selecting Jonathon Joseph and follow it up with Hall this year...TENNESSEE TITANS ON THE CLOCK

TENNESSEE TITANS -- S Michael Griffin -- The Titans had their pick of the litter when it came to weapons to add to Vince Young but chose defense instead grabbing Griffin. WR will still be a need for the Titans, but it is a deep receiver draft and someone will be there....NEW YORK GIANTS ON THE CLOCK

NEW WORK GIANTS -- CB Aaron Ross -- About as good as they could get at 20 for a defense that really struggled towards the end of last season. The Giants had needs at LB and DB, and getting Ross should help the Giants begin to become a force in the NFC East....JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS ON THE CLOCK

Brady Quinn -- The Browns need to be on the phone, talking to everyone left in the 1st round, trying to get back into the first round to take Brady Quinn.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS -- S Reggie Nelson -- The Jags go defense again, picking the guy they probably would have gotten at 17, and gaining another couple of picks. Nelson is a solid move, lucking out when the Titans went with Griffin...DALLAS COWBOYS ON THE CLOCK

THE BROWNS TRADE UP TO GET QUINN -- The Cleveland Browns did what most would have thought was impossible, getting teh stud LT, AND, the Quarterback. Solid move for the Browns....

CLEVELAND BROWNS -- QB Brady Quinn -- Not mouch more to say about it. Quinn at #22 is the value of the draft so far. Easily the winner of the draft so far, and pricey, with the Browns sending their second rounder this year and a first rounder next year. You have to give a little to get a little....KANSAS CITY CHIEFS ON THE CLOCK

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS -- WR Dwaye Bowe -- The Chiefs have needed a WR for the last 3 or 4 seasons, and have chosen to ignore the position. Now, with their O-Line in shambles and not 1, but TWO solid O-Line prospects on the board, the Chiefs go wide receiver. Bowe is a solid prospect, but with no QB to throw him the ball, or O-Line to protect that QB, the Chiefs are sure to struggle in '07....NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS ON THE BOARD

NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS -- S Brandon Meriweather -- A bit of a surprise, simply because of the character issues surrounding him after last season's stomp session against Florida Atl. He does have alot of talent, and Mort said it best....The Bengals could not afford to take that risk, the Patriots can....CAROLINA PANTHERS ON THE CLOCK

CAROLINA PANTHERS -- LB Jon Beason -- A strong feeling the the Pats were hoping Beason would slide to them at 28 but it wasn't to be. The Panthers, with quite a few needs all over the field, go defense here, getting a guy that should come right in and compete immediately....EAGLES TRADE #26 PICK TO COWBOYS

DALLAS COWBOYS -- DE Anthony Spencer -- After trading the #22 pick to the Browns, getting a second this year and a first next year, the Cowboys trade right back into the first round selecting a pass rusher the Cowboys sorely lack. Spencer was thought to be high on the Broncos' board as well, but after the Broncos tabbed Moss, the Cowboys focused on Spencer....NEW ORLEANS ON THE CLOCK

(5:20PM est) -- John Beck??? No way he is the next-best QB available. I'll tell you what, Drew Stanton looked SOLID at the combine. Can't blame him for having an A-Hole as a head coach...

NEW ORLEANS SAINTS -- WR Robert Meachum -- First, anyone else see the D-Will shirts that Meachum and his family were wearing?? He is instantly a favorite of mine....As for the Saints pick, Sean Payton loves offense, and after losing Joe Horn, NO needed to find someone to protect Marques Colstin. Meachum does that, and should fit in great with a dangerous offense in the Big Easy....NEW ENGLAND ON THE CLOCK

NEW ENGLAND TRADES #28 PICK TO SAN FRANCISCO -- The Niners continue their aggressive maneuvers, and Alan Branch HAS to be the choice here, with San Fran still in need of D-Line help...

SAN FRANCISCO 49'ers -- OT Joe Staley -- The Niners become the second team to make two first round picks, going defense at 11, and offense at 28. A solid pick for a team getting close to competing in the NFC again....BALTIMORE RAVEN ON THE CLOCK

(5:45PM est) -- Alan Branch's fall is quickly becoming Quinn-esque, raising the question of whether or not Branch does have some kind of issues with leg injuries....

BALTIMORE RAVENS -- OL Ben Grubbs -- Grubbs is a solid value pick for the Ravens, who recently received word that Jonathon Ogden was going to return. The Ravens have always done a good job building their team inside out and this is a solid pick....SAN DIEGO CHARGERS ON THE CLOCK

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -- WR Craig Davis -- No surprise the Chargers went wide receiver. A bit of surprise is the selection. Davis seemed to be more a late second/early third round choice, but obviously the Chargers like Davis over the USC tandem of Jarrett and Smith....CHICAGO BEARS ON THE CLOCK

(6:00PM est) -- It took 6 hours, but Keyshawn is starting to feel comfortable on the set. His little sissy-fight with Mel about Jarrett being ready is a nice interlude to a slow-moving end of the first round....

CHICAGO BEARS -- TE GREG OLSON -- This pick makes total sense, with the Bears set up on defense, and the offense needing as many weapons as possible for Rex Grossman. Olson had everybody psyched by his 4.5-40 at the combine. Olson will be a solid TE for the Bears, the latest of a long line from the U....INDIANAPOLIS COLTS ON THE CLOCK

(6:15PM est) -- The Final Pick of the first round. I will stop updating this thread as soon as the Colts pick, but feel free to keep commenting about Round 1 here. I will start a new thread for Round 2. Awesome job, everyone, and Thank You!

INDIANAPOLIS COLTS -- WR Anthony Gonzalez -- The Colts finish off the longest frst round in the history of the draft selecting the best receiver at Ohio State in Gonzalez. AG might actually be faster in football gear than his teammate Ginn, and he should fit perfectly into Tom Moore's offensive scheme. The rich get richer...

With that, the first round ends, as does the active posting on this thread. Feel free to contiue adding any comments you have about the first round....

On to round two, where the Broncos select #56.