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SBNation Mock Draft Pick #10 -- Buffalo Bills

With the tenth pick of the 2007 SBNation Mock NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select....

Patrick Willis, LB -- Ole Miss

Trade talk was hot and heavy most of the night, and the Broncos were in on it until the end.  As it was, the Texans decided to trade the #10 pick, moving down to #12, as well as picking up the #92 overall.  With the #10 pick, the Bills quickly filled the void left by the trade of Takeo Spikes with Willis, a sold linebacker, who averaged nearly 12 tackles per game last year for the Rebels.  Willis has good size and speed, and is a sure tackler.  Another player who has seen his stock rise inr ecent weeks, Willis is the type of player that should help the Bills shore up a defense that lost Nate Clements and Spikes.

The Forty-Niners are on the clock....