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Fun With Mocks - -- 4/5/07 released it's latest Mock Draft, and scanning down to the #21 pick I was surprised by the name the team over at Fox had us selecting --

Justin Harrell, DT - Tennessee

Not a name I have seen connected to the Broncos, though defensive line is the biggest area of need.  Here is what FoxSports had to say about Harrell --

This is a bit early for a guy who missed all but three games of his senior season with a torn left bicep, but the Broncos don't have many holes to fill and can afford to take a risk on a player with a high ceiling. With the Dan Wilkinson trade cancelled after he chose not to report to the team, the Broncos remain very thin on the interior.

Harrell has good size at nearly 6-5, 300 pounds, but doesn't present great value at #21.  If the Broncos find themselves in a situation where Harrell is their best bet I am hoping they trade down to acquire more picks, becuase Harrell should still be there later.