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Fun With Mocks, Bill Williamson -- 4/5/07

It seems everyone is creating a Mock Draft these days, jeesh.  Ok, poking a little fun at myself, but there are more Mocks than ever and everyone seems to be doing one.

The latest comes from Bill Williamson, who covers the Broncos for the Denver Post.  After perusing his Mock, here are a few of the picks that stood out to me.....

3. Cleveland (Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame)
Browns pick the hometown boy to sell tickets.

(Yes, the Browns have been lousy, but they still sell-out.  Quinn isn't needed to sell tickets...Winning?  That's another question.)

7. Minnesota (Ted Ginn Jr., WR, Ohio State)
Devastated Quinn is off the board, the Vikings address another huge need.

(I live in Ohio, I love TG, but this is way, WAAAAY, way too high for Ginn to go.  The Vikings should shoot themselves if they make this pick...)

12. Buffalo (Alan Branch, DT, Michigan)
The New Mexico native earlier was considered a top-5 pick.

(I mention this only becuase I also have Branch going #12, though it is to the Broncos, who I think will make a move to get him if he falls that far.)

14. Carolina (LaRon Landry, S, LSU)
Panthers fill need and get a top-10 talent.

(Though, if Landry falls all the way to the 12-14 area, the Broncos would do well to make a move for him as well.)

21. Denver (Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska)
High-motor player helps Broncos in their biggest area of need.

(One of the few who still think Carriker will fall this low.)

Just a few of my takes on BW's mock draft.  What do you think??