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Mike Shanahan, The Broncos and The Draft -- A Look Back.....COMING SOON!

We are less than three weeks away from the 2007 NFL Draft, and while mock drafts are fun they don't take the place of the real thing.  This year will be the 13th draft for the Broncos under the command of Mike Shanahan.  For the next couple of weeks, until the draft, I will break down each one, from 1995, when the Broncos didn't even have a pick until the 4th round, until 2006, a draft that saw the start of a new era in Denver with the selection of Jay Cutler.

It should be fun, and give us all somoething to talk about when remembering legends in Broncos lore, like Fritz Fequeire.

Get ready, I'll break down 1995 tomorrow, and we'll do another year every day or so until the it all gets started in New York, April 28th.