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Shanny, Team Agree To Extension

The Denver Post is reporting that Mike Shanahan has agreed to a 3-year contract extension with the team, locking up the man who has run the organization for the past 13 years until 2011.  It isn't a huge surprise as this move has been talked about for weeks and Pat Bowlen and Shanahan have a great working relationship.

If/when more comes about, like, some quotes perhaps, I'll add them to this post, until then, yippee!

UPDATE -- As promised, here are some quotes regarding the extension --

Pat Bowlen -- I'm very excited about this, I'm very happy with Mike and I'm glad to have him here for several more years and I know the feeling is mutual. Mike likes it here. Mike is obviously very high on Jay as the quarterback of the future and now, I am sure that has re-energized him.

FB Kyle Johnson -- Obviously he has a great track record, you're talking about, in all likelihood, a Hall of Fame coach when he retires. ... The organization and players benefit from having a consistent guy who in all honesty is really good at his job. -- What was Johnson supposed to say??